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Tunic: What Do Ability Cards Do

One way to make your Tunic journey easier is to use the Ability Cards. But how do they work?




One of the collectibles that might enhance the skills of your character in Tunic is the Ability Cards. But though you’ve probably found some already, you’re probably not sure how do they work, as the game doesn’t tell you right away.

What Do Ability Cards Do in Tunic

Ability Cards grant you special upgrades when equipped in their designated slots. The number of these slots can be increased using another collectible, the Gold Coins. Different Ability Cards can be found in chests all around the world.

The Locations and uses of Ability Cards

What Do Ability Cards Do in Tunic

There are 16 ability cards in total. Here’s how each of them works and where you can get them.

  1. Orange Peril Ring – Raises your attack when your health is low. Hidden in the Dark Tomb, above the first ladder
  2. Cyan Peril Ring – Raises your defense when your health is low. Located in the West Garden, near the Hero’s Grave
  3. Inverted Ash – Changes the effect of health potions, so that they restore mana instead. Located in the top left portion of the Overworld.
  4. Anklet – Increases your movement speed slightly. In the Forest’s Fortress, Behind the Hero’s Grave.
  5. Perfume – Increases stamina recovery. In the swamp, up the ladder leading to the skull area.
  6. Tincture – Increases attack at the cost of defense. In the Ruined Atoll, behind the Envoy on the west side.
  7. Bracer – Reduces the cost of blocking. In the Ruined Attol, near the secondary entrance.
  8. Lucky Cup – Makes enemies drop healing hearts. In the bottom left portion of the overworld.
  9. Muffling Bell – Makes it harder for enemies to notice you. Under the Eastern Vault, behind a waterfall.
  10. Louder Echo – The knockback caused by retrieving echo-of-soul is increased. In the top left prtion of the Flooded Well.
  11. Scavengers Mask – Protects you from the miasma. Given to you during the story in the Monastery.
  12. Dagger Strap – Reduces the cast time of magic daggers. In the swamp, south of the checkpoint.
  13. Magic Echo – Restores some HP when retrieving echo-of-soul. Near a gate south of the Ruined Atoll.
  14. Fire Sword – Causes your sword attacks to ignite enemies, but reduces your HP to one. In the bottom right portion of the overworld, behind a locked door.
  15. Aura’s Gem – Slightly increases the time window for parrying. In the top right portion of the Quarry.
  16. The Bone – Doubles your invincibility time during dodge roles. In the Ruined Atoll, behind a bombable wall next to a rock with a lone flower on it.

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