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Tunic: How to Get the Grappling Hook

Tired of not being able to interact with the grappling points in Tunic? Here’s how to get the Grappling Hook.




The Grappling Hook, also known as the Magic Orb in Tunic, is one of the basic item’s you’ll need to progress through the game. But, the item is hidden away in a rather tricky location, so it might take some time to find.

How to Get Grappling Hook in Tunic

The Grappling Hook is in the deepest portion of a dungeon called Frog’s Domain, found in the Ruined Atoll. From the center of Ruined Atoll, follow the purple powerline northeast, but instead of climbing the slope on the left, turn right and pass a gap between two hills to find a ladder leading to the Frog’s Domain dungeon.

The Frog’s Domain

How to Get Grappling Hook in Tunic

Follow the path downwards to reach a checkpoint. From it, go southwest, to the door behind the three frogs in the water. After climbing down the ladder, ignore the big golden door and instead enter the whole in the wall at the right edge of this room.

Follow the path, until you reach the ladder leading to a corridor with a small wooden bridge. Go forward, all the way to the one-way ladder, which won’t be accessible once you jump down from it.

The Magical Orb

Inside this big, cathedral-like room, you’ll find the magical orb on the pedestal in front of the stone benches. This will allow you to use the grappling points you’ve seen in the dungeon – in fact, you’ll need to do so in order to get out of the room the Grappling Hook is in.

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