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Tunic: How to Change Outfit | Character Customization                        

Pretty much everything in Tunic is a secret, even basic features such as character customization.




After you start playing Tunic, you might notice that there’s no way to customize how your fox looks, which can be a bit disappointing. But, the game does allow you to change to look of your character – but just like almost everything else in Tunic, this feature is a secret you’ll have to uncover first.

How to Change Outfit in Tunic

To customize your character, you’ll first have to find a secret room in the overworld. From the checkpoint in front of the Sealed Temple, go all the way to the fountain near the Sealed Gray Door.

How to Change Outfit in Tunic

 From that door, turn right and go behind the couple of trees next to the stairs leading to the area with the well. You should uncover the stairs to a hidden room with four charging stations.

How Customization Works in Tunic

When you pass through each changing station, it will alter the color of your fox or its clothes. The upper left station changes the color of the fox’s fur while the bottom left station changes the color of the nose. The station closer to the stairs on the right changes the color of the titular tunic, and the last station changes the scarf’s color.

Reset Bells

In front of each station, there is a bell you can hit with your sword. Doing so will restore the colors of the corresponding part of the fox to its default look. There is no one bell that will reset everything at once, so you’ll have to restore each color manually.

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