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Tunic: How to Open Sealed Doors

Though most locked doors in games can only be opened using keys or by destroying them, there exists a more secretive method of opening some doors in Tunic.




As you journey through the world of Tunic, you’ll inevitably come across doors that seem to be both impossible to open and destroy. Though you might think there is some sort of item you’ll have to get to open these, in reality, there’s nothing blocking you from doing so right away, if you know how.

How to Open Sealed Doors in Tunic

Every Sealed Door has a pattern on it. If you’ll “draw” this pattern with your D-Pad, the corresponding door will open. So, if you see a door like this:

How to Open Sealed Doors in Tunic

You should press Up, Left, Down, Right, Down, Left, Up and Right on the D-Pad.

Though this might seem very cryptic at first, there is actually a page in the instruction manual that shows you how these doors work.

 On top of that, you might’ve figured this out already if you’re trying to complete the Holy Cross Fairy Soul Puzzle, since one of the pages connected to that side quest also gives you a small hint.

Also, this is not the only time Tunic uses this mechanic. There are a lot of other structures that have mysterious patterns on them, and “drawing” those patterns with your D-pad usually uncovers some sort of a secret. So, keep your eyes peeled for anything that resembles a combination of straight lines in the game – if it does, chances are there is some secret you can uncover nearby…

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