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The Cycle Frontier: Best Beginner Loadout

The Cycle: Frontier features a lot of guns and other items for players to equip themselves with. This guide will help you find the perfect beginner loadout.




With so many options, it might be overwhelming to start preparing a loadout in The Cycle: Frontier. But thankfully, there’s a certain loadout that is guaranteed to work for any beginner.

Best Beginner Loadout in The Cycle: Frontier

Setting up a loadout in The Cycle: Frontier can be resource-intensive. Particularly, you’ll need a good number of K-Marks to buy your guns. This means your options at the start are somewhat limited. However, some of the cheaper guns are actually extremely effective despite their low costs. Let’s go over them step-by-step.

Get the C-32 Bolt Action

Best Beginner Loadout in The Cycle: Frontier

The C-32 Bolt Action is, simply put, one of the best guns currently in the game. Despite its fairly low costs, it’s a very powerful and dependable gun. This gun can be bought at the Stockpile Quick Shop in the hub for 3200 K-Marks. This gun is simply so good that it has to be pointed out. Note that you should avoid getting any scope attachments for this rifle. The default scope is already excellent, so there’s no need to replace it.

Get the K-28 Pistol

Best Beginner Loadout in The Cycle: Frontier

Much like the C-32 Bolt Action sniper rifle, the K-28 pistol is really good for its price. This pistol can also be bought at the Stockpile Quick Shop for a measly 500 K-Marks. It’s a pretty solid jack-of-all-trades type of gun. If nothing else, you definitely want to have this gun when going for cheap loadouts.

Other Things to Keep in Mind and Conclusion

You’ll want to buy the tactical shield instead of the regular shield. Available at the same quick shop as the guns mentioned, it can be purchased for 900 K-Marks. On top of that, you want to get a good amount of stims so you can heal. Finally, you’ll want some ammo for your guns, of course. Sniper ammo can be costly so consider putting it in your Safe Pockets.

But that’s honestly about it for a very solid beginner loadout. Just equip your C-32 Bolt Action, the K-28 Pistol, a tactical vest, some stims and ammo. It’s a very cheap loadout that any beginner can make good use of while finding their footing in the game.

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