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The Cycle Frontier: Solo Run Tips

This guide will provide some tips to help any solo player survive in The Cycle: Frontier.




A lot of players might choose to grab their friends and pair up when playing games like The Cycle: Frontier. But what about those that, for any reason, choose to go solo? This guide seeks to give them some vital tips to remain alive.

Don’t Forget to get Solid Equipment

One main thing you definitely want to do is to not forget to get good equipment. Get the best armor, helmet and backpack you can. Be it by crafting or by buying from shops in the hub area. You definitely want the best protection and storage you can. Don’t forget to get some good guns, either. As a solo player, the only things you can rely on are your own gear and your skills.

Carry as Many Stims as You Can

Stims basically act as medkits in this game. While you might not want to carry an excessive amount due to loadout weight limits, you definitely want to have at least a handful of them. If you have obtained enough FP with Osiris, you can get a Strong Stim from their shop. This is better than regular stims, as it heals more.

Get Insurance

It’s been said a lot before, but you really can’t go wrong with getting insurance for your loadout. For a fairly small cost, you’ll be mitigating the loss of any items upon death. The penalty for death is that you lose all of your items, which can be devastating. With insurance, you get back a fraction of their cost as K-Marks. Do not go without insurance, especially as a solo player.

Check out this Guide for Getting Insurance.

Inventory Upgrades

You’ll want to upgrade your inventory no matter what in this game. But as a solo player, you’d do well to focus on upgrading your Safe Pockets. Safe Pockets have a very low weight limit at first, but it can be increased at your Quarters. While deployed, put any high value items in your Safe Pockets. This is because items in your safe pockets do not get lost upon your death. You might want to put costly things such as expensive ammo there at first. But you can also swap things out for high value items you grab on the field such as Dustblooms.

Pay Attention to your Surroundings

Sounds are vital for you to locate other players and mobs. For example, a player shooting their gun against mob would be easy to hear. This can help you know where to go, or which spots to avoid. Not just that, either. You want to keep your own sounds in mind here. Melee weapons will help you avoid causing unnecessary noise and alerting other players. Running is also loud, so keep that in mind. Basically, pay attention to your surroundings so you aren’t caught off guard by other players. Remember you’re a lone wolf, but other players might be paired up.

Be Careful When You Evac

When you’re finally done, you’ll want to call a ship for evac. However, this is obviously very noticeable to other players. Be very careful and check your surroundings when you try to get on the ship. Make sure there are no other players camping the area. Don’t let up your guard until you’ve successfully evacuated.

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