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TemTem: Which is the Best Starter to Choose

Pick the strongest out of all the starters.




Temtems are here! Explore the Airborne Archipelago and encounter Temtems of any color, shape, size, and element. As you start the game, you are going to pick a starter. If you’re wondering which of the starters to choose from, we got you!

Which is the Best Starter to Choose in Temtem

If you have played Pokemon, there is a trick that you can do to obtain a shiny starter. A Luma Temtem is the equivalent shiny in the game, and it can only be obtained in the wild; therefore, doing the trick in Pokemon will not work in Temtem.

In Temtem, you are going to pick between 3 starters: Crystle, Smazee, and Houchic. If you pick any of these starters and wondering if you can still obtain the other two, do not worry, you can capture them in their habitat.

Choosing a Starter

Before picking a starter, you have to question yourself if you want to have an offensive or defensive style. The starters have the following types:

  • Crystle: Crystal type (weak against Fire and Earth types, strong against electric and Mental types)
  • Smazee: Melee type (weak against Mental and Melee types, strong against Rock and Crystal types)
  • Houchic: Mental type (weak against Crystal type, strong against Neutral and Melee types)
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Offensive Style

If you want to have an offensive style, you can either pick Smazee or Houchic if we are talking about stats. Smazee has a higher Physical Attack stat while Houchic has a higher Special Attack stat. But if you want to pick one, Houchic is better.

Smazee may have a high Physical Attack and Stamina but its moves cannot deal high damage.

Defensive Style

If you want to have a Defensive style, you need to prioritize the HP, Defense, Types, and Techniques. Out of all the starters, Crystle has the highest HP and Defense but Houchic has the highest Special Defense but has the lowest HP.

Out of all the starters, Crystle is the only Temtem that has a Defensive ability to help you in the early stages. Crystle is the best choice for a Defensive style.

When you reach the first Dojo, there are no starter Temtems that have an advantage or disadvantage against Sofia. So, there is no right or wrong decision in picking a starter. But Crystle has the upper hand as it can tank Sofia’s Temtems attack more.

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