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TemTem: How to Hunt for Luma Forms | Shiny Hunting Guide

The Pokemon-Inspired TemTem game has just rolled out this week and one of the objectives you would be doing is collecting powerful monsters for your team.




The Luma Forms or Shiny monsters are one of the most powerful monsters you can collect in the game. They have an incredibly low drop rate but farming for these efficiently can raise your chances of owning one if you know where to get them.

There are about 5 different ways to obtain Luma TemTem’s in the game. In this guide, we will be showing you all 5 ways of obtaining them and hopefully making you a proud owner of a set of Luma Monsters.

Luma (Shiny) Hunting Guide in Temtem

If you play a lot of Monster catching games, Shiny monsters are stronger versions of the monsters you collect in the game. They have better stats than basic monsters and depending on the game, have different skills or perks compared to normal ones.

In TemTem, shiny monsters are called Luma Forms and if you are coming out from the beta test, there are a few major adjustments that they have made that are also covered in this guide. So sit back, relax and read about the 5 ways you can acquire Luma TemTem’s to add to your collection and battle strategy.

One example of the changes made in the launch that wasn’t in the Beta is that all Luma Forms now have a minimum of 3 perfect stats which makes having any Luma Form Monster much more appealing.

Radar System

Using your Radar lets evolved versions of TemTem come out of their habitat where you can engage and try to capture them. The Radar is designed for a specific TemTem so when activating it, you have to engage the type of TemTem the radar is designed for.

Activating your Radar on the map where there is no TemTem Habitat won’t work so you will have to look for their home area and activate the Radar. This would spawn TemTems in the overworld. All you have to do from here is get close to them to initiate the battle.

Defeating TemTem that has spawned in the Overworld would grant you chains. The chains are indicated at the top right corner of the screen right next to the map. Running while the radar is active would break your chain as well as engaging in TemTem that is not designed for the specific radar.

Fill up Radar Chain

The higher the chain for your radar, the higher the chance for Luma forms to appear.

Radar System Updates

The Radar System has been overhauled in TemTem compared to the test version. Here are the changes made for the Radar System as posted on the TemTem website.

Radars will now always find unevolved forms. This way we can ensure you’ll get the whole line as Luma if you decide to evolve it later (if you want to).

Every Species of TemTem will now have the same spawn rate (100%) while using the radar. This effectively means radar-spawned Tems will now appear quickly and constantly, no matter the species. No more waiting for those 5% rare Tems!

Radars will no longer have expiration dates– you will be able to keep them in your inventory forever and use them whenever you want.

We’re reducing the number of encounters per radar from 400 to 300. Effectively removing the first 100 encounters so you won’t need that many encounters before getting a Luma bonus. From now on, every encounter of a Radar will have a bonus of some sort.

With this reduction, you will now be able to break the radar from the first encounter. You’ll have to keep this in mind!

Last, since radars will be purchasable (Like we said, you’ll find out where on Thursday), we’re removing them from the Dojo Leaders Loot.

The Radar is now obtainable in the Tamer’s Paradise for feathers. Feathers can be obtained when doing game content challenges in Tamer’s Paradise. This means farming for Luma Forms via this method would require you to unlock the Tamer’s Paradise Archipelago.


Before we get into the breeding process let’s look at the Luma chance you can obtain through this method.

By default, the chance of hatching a Luma TemTem is the same as encountering one in the wild. That’s 1 in 10.000. for each Luma Parent, you have for breeding, the chances are increased by x10 for one Luma parent.

So if you have 1 Luma Parent and one Normal, the chances for you to get a Luma TemTem is 1 in 1.000. if you have both slots with Luma Parents then the chances are increased further to 1 in 100.

If you plan to start acquiring Luma through this method, there is one more thing you have to take into consideration. The TemTem have a fertility system which gives you a limited amount of times you can breed so having two Luma adults have a go at it to try for a Luma spawn cant be done infinitely. Once you use up your fertility chances for the set of Luma then you won’t be able to breed them again.


For those coming out of the Beta Test, the Saipark was originally part of the endgame area because at that time there were only three islands available for you to explore. With a total of 7 islands that we currently can explore and the final one being the endgame area, the Saipark is your midgame area where it spawns random sets of TemTem each week and you can chance these encounters of finding a Luma TemTem.

The area can be accessed on the first island where you use your rock hopping gear to get to the area. The area increases the chances of getting Luma forms by 2x the drop rate to about 4x depending on the type. Farming for Luma Forms in this area is another good spot for you to acquire Luma Forms especially if you haven’t unlocked the endgame area yet.

Full Odds

Undoubtedly, this is one of the worst ways of farming for Luma Forms. With this, you would have to find a suitable spot where to hunt for the Luma TemTems and run around and hope for a chance encounter with them. The chances of running into a Luma Form via this method is 1 in 75.000.

There are some advantages in going for Full Odds though. When starting out, this is your only option to do since all other types of farming methods are not available to you. So when you are in the game and just want to kill time then it would be a good idea to run around the bushes and cross your fingers in hopes of running into a Lumia Form TemTem.

Purchase them

This method will have you grinding for game currency and buying these Luma forms from other players via the Trading Hub. You can buy eggs from parents who have a high chance of obtaining Luma spawns or simply buy a Luma TemTem that’s available for trade.

These are the 5 methods of obtaining Luma Forms in TemTem. Hope this guide has been helpful for you and good luck in farming all the Luma Forms in the game or getting one for your battle team.

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Frozen Flame: INFINITE Bones, Fabric & XP Farm Guide – Get Unlimited Resources & Masks Fast

Your crafting problems are over!

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frozen flame infinite bones fabric xp farm guide get unlimited resources masks fast

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Fabric Farm

There are two farming locations.

The first and most efficient (and the one that will also give you Masks if you want to add more to your collection) is the Cradle of Keepers, the starting area of the game, where you can farm fabric.

Before leaving your house, equip some weapons to help you: the bone bow and bone staff are good options.

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From the southwest portion of the island, you’ll want to fly northwest and find a cave. You can check out the exact location and the cave’s appearance in the screenshots below:

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Source: 04AM from YouTube

Inside this cave, you’ll find a huge encampment of humanoids as well as the purple mists that spawn Mobs.

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Source: 04AM from YouTube

The strategy here is to trigger the mob spawn then walk backwards and start killing them with your bow.

However, you don’t want to kill all the enemies! Keep one or two alive, walk further backward and wait until the mist reappears.

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Source: 04AM from YouTube

This is the sign that a new mob wave is ready to respawn. Go inside the encampment and retreat again, repeating the process of shooting and respawning them until you’re satisfied with the number of corpses littering the cavern’s floor.

Then, kill every enemy and remain inside the encampment. Loot all the corpses, and you’ll be impressed with how much fabric you earn with this simple strategy!

Bones + Fabric Farming

Broken Valley is the second farming spot and the place you go if you need bones and fabric.

First, fast-travel to the first quick-travel spot in the Broken Valley, where you completed the quests for Hornhead. And what you’ll do is travel to a hidden cave underneath the island.

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Source: 04AM from YouTube

Inside this cave, you’ll find three mobs: a shield bearer and two warlocks. Your goal here is to ignore the shield bearer and kill the two warlocks (be careful with their fire spells!).

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Source: 04AM from YouTube

Once you kill them, leave the cave, wait a couple of seconds for their mist to respawn, and go back inside, repeating the process.

After a few times, you can go in and quickly loot the fallen enemies (always ignoring the shield bearer) and keep repeating this process for as long as you want (or for as long as your items have durability).

While slower than the Cradle of Keepers cave, this will give you all the bones and fabric you’ll need in the game. So, good farming! Thanks to 04AM for the tricks! In case of any doubt, please watch his video: Frozen Flame INFINITE Bones, Fabric & XP Farm Guide – Get Unlimited Resources & Masks Fast

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