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TemTem: How to Get First Mount | Minox Steed Mount Location

Got tired of running around from one place to another? Get yourself your own mount.




During your early games of playing TemTem, you might actually wonder that there are no other means of transportation than walking and running around. Because of this, traveling across map locations takes so much time. Plus, there is always a high possibility of you having encounters with a wild TemTem.

But worry no more! If you still haven’t heard of it, there is such a thing as mount in TemTem. You can use this to travel faster and even evade unexpected wild encounters as you go on to your next destination.

Through this guide, we will help you get your first mount and enjoy moving from one place to another.

How to Get First Mount | Minox Steed Mount Location in TemTem

The first thing you have to do is go to the Forest of Greenglen. There, you will see an inn. Proceed there, and you will meet the Inn Landlord. It will trigger a conversation and you have to pick the second option which is Are those Minox for sale? After a few questions and answers, go to the nearest house on the right side of the Inn Landlord.

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As you go inside, go to the right side of the shopkeeper or the stablehand, and inspect the saddle. However, the saddle will look smaller than the one you are supposed to use. So, you should ask the stablehand and inquire how you can get a bigger saddle. As you end the conversation, you will be asked to defeat Lady Romanescu to obtain the bigger saddle.

Lady Romanescu

To go to Lady Romanescu, head to the southeastern part of the Properton specifically to the house in front of the lake in the lower right.

As you enter, you will see a table with two people. Go next to them and look for Lady Romanescu, strike a conversation. Select the first option which is Can I borrow your riding saddle? Upon picking it, you will be redirected into a duel. Lady Romanescu has a full mental team with levels ranging from 90 to 92.

When you successfully defeated Lady Romanescu, you will be rewarded with the borrowed saddle.

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This time, go back to the Forest of Greenlen and talk again with the Inn Landlord. Hand him the borrowed saddle, however, you still have to catch a minothor for him to do the favor.

How to Get a Minothor

Before you can have a minothor, you have to catch a minttle first. Go to Mac Aed’s Crags. Grind until you encounter a minttle and do your best to catch it. Next, it has to evolve until it reaches being a minothor. After that, you can go back to the Inn Landlord and start another conversation. After a few moments, your character will be already riding a mount.

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