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TemTem: How to Unlock Tamer’s Paradise

Ask any TemTem Collector about the end game and they would tell you it’s reaching the Tamer’s Paradise Island.




The Tamer’s Paradise Archipelago houses all the facilities you need for endgame content. Arch Tamer’s Sanctum lets you battle the best TemTem players in the world in PvP battles, the Gritten Draft Arena holds PvE battles with  Holo Tamers, Digilair lets you set up custom matches, TemTem Safari sets you to battle different sets of Temtem Teams that changes every week and clear floors and levels in the Shifting Tower.

Doing all the challenges and activities on the island rewards you with Feathers that can be used to exchange for Battle items, cosmetics and decorations for your home in TemTem.

With the game launching just barely 2 days ago, the gaming community is scrambling to get towards the Endgame content which is the Tamer’s Paradise.

In this Guide, we will show you the quests to focus on as well as the things you should specifically do in order for you to unlock the Tamer’s Paradise Archipelago.

Now pull your sleeves up because this is going to be one long journey.

How to Unlock Tamer’s Paradise in TemTem

To start your journey in unlocking the Tamer’s Paradise which was showcased in the Official TemTem Video as part of the Golden Week of 1.0 of the game’s launch, Head over to the area of Simpaku.

Once you get there, you should go to the Lab and take the elevator to floor 3, the design section. Speak with Carlos to unlock the quest.

He would be giving you lots of quests to do. For unlocking the Tamer’s Paradise, however, you should focus on the Routine Case questline to take you a step closer to getting to the island.

Head home and get case notes from Filomena

Follow the instructions and head home. Here you will find a girl named Filomena. Converse with her until you are given the Case notes.

With the Case Notes in your Hand, head over to where the case map instructs you to go. That’s in Kilima Range.

Speak to Kyle in Kilima Range

Once you reach the area location you would have to interact with Kyle. Ask him about Filomena’s Mimit. You will then have to head to Turqesa and find Filomena’s home.

Heading there will inform you that Filomena has already found her Mimit but she misplaced her TemCard. Your next task will be to inspect the TemCard.

Head to Turqesa and inspect Filomena’s TemCard

Doing this will give you a set of questions while inspecting the TemCard. Just answer the questions with  Correct and select Incorrect on the last question given to you to complete the inspection.

Talk to the Breeding Center shopkeeper in Omnesia

You are then tasked to head over to the Breeding Center in Omnesia. Interact with the BreeCen Shopkeeper and answer their questions. This would give you clues as to where you should go next in the quest line.

Look for Berhano in Miyaku Village

After this, head over to Miyaku Village. Head towards the marking on the map and interact with Berhano who will explain everything to you.

Inspect Professor Constantino’s computer and search for the Contingency plan

Head back to Xadar and inspect Professor Constantino’s Lab. Access his computer and enter the password. It’s Mega Zizar to unlock the contingency plan.

With that done, you have to take a water ride through the Sillaro River and head over to the Sea-Queen’s Aquarium which is located across from the Agua-Marina Cave.

Talk to Ceyhun at Sea-Queen’s Aquarium

Once there, talk to Ceyhun. Use the code word Burned Wood and answer his questions to progress further into the story.

To make things simple, here are the answers you should give. The Contingency, If Telobos is downed, General X! and Tamer’s Paradise.

Look for General X in the Prison and ask about Tamer’s Paradise

With that done, head over to the Prison Location and speak with General X to get the next step in unlocking Tamer’s Paradise.

Head back to Omnesia to the Engineer’s Office to start a Temtem Battle. Defeating them will grant you the Tamer’s Paradise Charts.

Head to Omnesia and get the Tamer’s Paradise Charts

With these in hand, talk to Adia Turay over at the Narwhal. She would take you over to the island where you have to find 3  hidden Neo-Belsoto thugs.

Talk to Adia Turay to take you to Tamer’s Paradise

The area where the thugs are is marked on your map. Just head over and clear the area. With this done, head South to the Tamer’s Paradise Manager who will thank you by giving you Tokens to access all their facilities.

Head to South to the Tamer’s Paradise Manager to Unlock all the facilities in the island

There you have it. It was a bit of a long journey but in the end, you have gained access to the seventh and final island, the Tamer’s Paradise Archipelago.

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