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TemTem 1.0: Breeding Guide | Everything You Need to Know

As Tem Tem reaches the First Week of its Global Debut, now would be a good time to talk about how to acquire more powerful Tems for your team.




Depending on how you enjoy monster collecting themed games, this topic would either be daunting for you or very informative.

Coming out from playing Pokemon, the first impression you would have is that Tem Tem content will be familiar to you and won’t require much effort to learn.

In some respects that can be true. It’s a monster collecting game and the turn-based fighting mechanics and types of elemental strength and weakness are similar.

When it comes to breeding, however, that’s where you have to take a step back and go over the basics in this game. Because the breeding system is a lot different from Pokemon.

In this guide, we shall go over the basics of the Breeding System in the game to better understand how to breed your Tems and acquire good ones through breeding.

Guide on Everything You Need to Know about Breeding in Tem Tem 1.0

The Breeding Center will be available to you when you unlock the second Island Omninesia. You breed Tems by sending a male and female Tem Tem to the Breeding Center.

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You can breed any male and female Tems as long as they are of the opposite gender and are sharing an element type with each other.

When breeding, the class of Tem that will be spawned from two different lineages of parents would be of the mother. The only exception to this is the Tem Tem Mimit. When breeding mimit with any other type of Tem, the offspring would always be of the non-Mimit lineage.


Fertility refers to the number of times you can use the Tem for Breeding. The maximum number of times for them is 8. It will be shown as the fertility icon with 1 stem and 7 leaves.

Using the Tem for breeding will darken the leaves depending on how many times you use them. When all the leaves and the stem are darkened. You will not be able to use that Tem again for breeding.

Not all Tem Tem will have max fertility. The number of times the Tem can breed is based on how many SV stats of 49 or 50 the Tem Tem has. The better the SV stats the lower the times for it to breed.

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For Tem Tems acquired through breeding, the value of fertility they have is based on the lowest value between its parents after the production of the egg.

For example, if one parent has 8 fertility and the other has 6, after producing an egg both their fertility value will go down to 7 and 5 respectively. This will make the fertility of the offspring a base value of 5.


SV stat values and egg moves can also be passed down from parent to offspring. Not all stats and skills will be passed down and it would all be based on chance.

DNA Strands

To ensure certain stats are passed down to the offspring, there are DNA strands that you can purchase from the breeding centre and choose the specific strand you want for each stat. these are a bit expensive though so use them wisely.

By default, the chance of hatching a Luma TemTem is the same as encountering one in the wild. That’s 1 in 7.500. for each Luma Parent, you have for breeding, the chances are increased by x10 for one Luma parent.

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So if you have 1 Luma Parent and one Normal, the chances for you to get a Luma TemTem is 1 in 750. if you have both slots with Luma Parents then the chances are increased further to 1 in 75.

Incubator Tickets

The incubator tickets allow you to use the Egg incubator to let your Tems hatch faster. There are other tickets to increase the chances of a gender of your Tems in egg form.

Egg Timer

The Egg Timer lets you know if any of your incubated eggs are ready to hatch. With this item, you can see how much time your eggs would hatch.

And that’s the basics for breeding in Tem Tem 1.0 knowing even the basics of the breeding system would make things easier for you to use the breeding centre efficiently and would be having a great 2nd generation Tems to train in no time.

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