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TemTem: Every Rare TemTem Location Guide

Locations of Rare TemTem revealed. Join us as we unravel every location of each.




TemTem is a multiplayer creature-collection game. These amazing creatures are what we call TemTem in this world. As you go on with your adventure, these creatures will keep you company and will fight alongside you.

You can obtain other TemTem by completely defeating it or bringing its health down to the red until it has no power to fight back. However, not all TemTem are that easy to acquire. Rare TemTem are hidden in some map locations that you have to explore.

This guide will help you find the rare TemTems.

Every Rare TemTem Location Guide in TemTem

Every rare TemTem differs in location because, obviously, it will not be considered rare if you can just easily find it roaming anywhere.

To help you find where the rare TemTems are located, here is a list of the rare TemTems.


An oceara is a water-type TemTem that can be found in Deniz. First, you have to enter a cave in the Sillaro River. Looking at the map, head north. It will lead you to another path so just go through it. As you go straight, you will arrive at a large body of water. There, you can find the rare oceara.

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This time, a nature and a mental type TemTem. Kinu can be found in the Giant Banyan. There, you have to defeat all the Tamers. Head to Citerior Omninesia located at the western region of the map.


To find this crystal and water type TemTem, you have to go near the water in the southeastern part of Tucma Subsurface. However, you will need an acid-proof surfboard in order to further explore and meet a shuine.


After you meet a shuine, you can go meet next valash. It is a neutral and crystal type TemTem. This time, go to the eastern part of Tucma Subsurface. Enter the Mines of Mictlan and you will surely find a valash.


Hol’ up! We are not yet leaving the Tucma Subsurface. Head to the southwest region of this place and you will find the crystal and melee type TemTem, gyalis.


The next stop will be in Leeward Kisiwa. Inside the Tasa Desert, random wild TemTems will surely attack you. Having said that, there is a high chance of you finding a rhoulder. It is a neutral and earth-type TemTem.

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A yowlat is a neutral type of TemTem. You have to use a cable car to reach the snowy mountain located in Cipanku.


A pupoise is a nature type of TemTem. This is located in the rice field of Cipanku. Go over the whole rice field until you successfully find a pupoise.


Still in Cipanku island, head to the Pillars of High Above. Go through the grotto to Miyako Village. Here, you will see innki, an electric and crystal type TemTem.


Gharunder is a toxic and electric type of TemTem. You can find this when you go to the Properton Sewers. It is in the westernmost part of Properton.


This particular TemTem is also located in Properton, but on the northern region, in Meadowdale. Towly is a melee and mental type of TemTem that evolves into either Owhle or Barnshe depending on its gender.

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