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TemTem: Where to Find Gharunder Location Guide

Find this rare 5% spawn Temtem.




Temtem has officially launched. It has several similarities with Pokemon, only that Temtem is MMORPG. You can collect and catch all Temtems you want. One of them is the Gharunder, and we are going to show you how to catch this rare Temtem.

Where to Find Gharunder Location Guide in Temtem

Gharunder is a Toxic/Electric type Temtem. If you need an Electric or Toxic physical attacker, then Gharunder is your best bet. It has a high Physical attack and HP, but has low Physical Defense and Speed. However, no need to worry as there ways to compensate its weaknesses.

You can increase Gharunder’s Speed with the use of TV training, while its traits can remedy its low Physical defense. The first trait Brumation grants Gharunder Physical Defense and -1 Hold. The second trait Thick Skin grants 50% reduced damage taken from Wind techniques.

Gharunder Location

The Gharunder Temtem can be obtained in the Properton Sewers. But keep in mind that you must be far ahead in the story to gain access to this area. Meaning, newbies may not obtain this very rare Temtem.

When you are down in the sewers, interact with every ladder to open up shortcuts.

Source: Gharunder Guide Rare Temtem Location & Analysis.

Enter the sewers on the western side of Properton. From there, follow the path in the picture above until you reach the center area. Gharunder is also a requirement in the Anti-Aquarian Side Quest. This Side Quest rewards you with a 3 SV Mosu.

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