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Foxhole: Ultimate Medical Guide

Survive and triumph by learning how to mend and treat battle wounds.




In order to win the long-standing battle of attrition in Foxhole, learning how to treat your teammates and even yourself will bring victory closer to your side. However, treating injuries wouldn’t be as simple as you might think since you have to familiarize yourself first with medical equipment available in the game, and which would be best used for a particular kind of injury.

To help you with that matter here’s a walkthrough of the medical guide of Foxhole.

Ultimate Medical Guide in Foxhole

First things first; before learning how to treat others, you should, of course, first learn how to take care of yourself.

Upon surviving a gunfight, it would be a miracle to leave the encounter unscathed. If you are injured, a red, blood icon will be displayed on the top left corner of the screen. To get rid of that and there is no one around to treat you, what you can do is bandage yourself.

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Simply click the Bandage from your inventory so it would occupy a slot on the equipable items. Equip it and use it in yourself.

However, bandaging would only stop the bleeding, meaning, you still have to ask other to treat your wound.

For others to be able to attend to your injury, they need to have a First Aid Kit. The same goes for you if you require treating others.

To have your own first aid kit, you have to go to the relic base. Go near it until you can open the stockpile. Once accessing the stockpile, go to the medical supplies tab, and there, you can find the first aid kit. Click on it and it will be assembled in your backpack. But, it does not end there.

If you happen to equip the first aid kit right after being put in your backpack, you would notice on the top-left corner a text which indicates that the kit is empty. This is because you also have to assemble the things you want to put inside your kit. What you have to do is open the stockpile again, access the same medical supplies tab, then click the items you want to have inside your kit.

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Another kit that you might want to have with you is the Trauma Kit which can also be acquired from the relic base. What differentiates the first aid Kit from the Trauma Kit is that the latter kit is used for those who are gravely injured, to, more or less, revive them.

Supplementary Medical Equipment

Aside from kits, there are other types of medical equipment in Foxhole that would allow players to attend to more injured soldiers and enable them to recover faster.

One of these is the medical uniform which could be obtained from the town hall. This uniform facilitates more slots in your backpack for medical supplies. In this way, you can carry more supplies with you and heal a few more allies you might come across.

Another feature in the game for medical purposes is the Ambulance which can hold medical supplies, create more room in your backpack, and of course, provide you mobility. This medical vehicle could be built in the garage.

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Lastly, there is a Field Hospital that you can also build in the game. This is where you can bring wounded players to recover available in the game.

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