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Foxhole: How To Rank Up

Get stronger and win more fights! Your rank is your strength in this wartime MMORPG!

Iris Ruiz



As you fight more battles and become better at skirmishes, Foxhole also offers progression that makes you a bit more stronger and opens up more possibilities of positions for you to employ. But contrary to most games that automatically ranks you up as you win more battles, Foxhole speaks more to your team abilities when deciding on how to increase your ranking in the field.

How To Rank Up – Foxhole

Different from other games that gives you experience whenever you finish a game, you receive rank points from when other players give you Commendations.

While most people can find this annoying, considering you’re doing a lot of work and with minimal rewards, it’s to make sure that the people who have high ranks in the game totally deserve it.

Ranks in Foxhole are only important to form Squads in the game. Once you reach a certain rank, it will then give you access to Squad creation. There is no set way to farm rank points as it will depend purely on other players if you deserve a commendation.

We would suggest being nice to the people you play or achieve amazing feats in the game to receive them.

That’s all there is to it! Ranking isn’t as big of a deal as other parts the game offers but it’s still a great achievement to have if you get to a certain rank.

Playing well and being nice to other people in this game rewards the most if you’re vying for a high ranking.

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