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Foxhole: How To Pick Up Bodies/Corpses Guide

Different from others in the same genre, Foxhole offers the art of war in a massive playing field!

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When it comes to war-games, Foxhole deserves a higher spot on the list of games you should play if you are interested in this genre. Not only for it’s unique gameplay elements and interesting missions, but because it’s one of the few MMORPGs in that genre.

So while you lay waste to your enemies, there could be some objectives that would result in casualties and teammates that could be too wounded to fight. For medics, getting them to Ambulances or Field Hospitals in a timely manner is crucial.

If you don’t know how to lift a brother, here’s a guide on how to pick up the wounded and offer them aid.

How To Pick Up Bodies/Corpses Guide – Foxhole

Making sure you’re not in any enemies’ field of sight, approach the body of the person you’d wish to aid and then press the Letter V on the corpse and your character should automatically pick them up. You can then load off these soldiers to an Ambulance or Field Hospital.

Go through the battlefield to the nearest one from your position, and once you’re in there, just choose Submit Large Item from the choices and it will get the soldier from your hands.

It definitely needs some getting used to as most games don’t even bother explaining what happens to the bodies of your fallen comrades.

That’s all there is to it! You are now fully equipped to rescue the wounded and bring justice to your fallen compatriots in this adrenaline-inducing game!

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