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Foxhole: Building Guide

Get yourself acquainted with structures to fortify both your offense and defense.




Foxhole comes with different infrastructures which contribute to improving your fighting and survival chances in the game. Some are for strengthening the defenses around the base camp, while some provide other significant roles for the betterment of the team.

To familiarize and give you some pointers on what should be looked out for when constructing in Foxhole, here’s a brief guide.

Building Guide for Foxhole

When in a war, aside from artillery for offense, what should also be prioritized is the fortification of defense. In Foxhole, several pillboxes are available for building, designed to hinder possible enemy attacks; ultimately defend the base.

First, is the Rifle Pillbox which is an automated anti-infantry garrison with a quite significant range. In any case, in building the rifle pillbox, its distance from the base should always be within its range of influence, or else, it will decay; in other words, would not operate.

The Machine Gun Pillbox has a distance from the base to take into account when building, however, it should be closer. And unlike the first one, it has a different attack range shape. It also has the ability to take down light-armored vehicles. On top of that, you could also enter the garrison and support the AI in attacking the enemies.

Last of the pillboxes Anti-Tank Pillbox which you can also enter. It has a 360-degree firing range and true to its name, has the ability to take down those heavily-armored tanks.

Other Auxiliary Buildings

When talking about defense, barricades are at the top of the list. But, in this case, these barricades are more addressed as walls. Walls in Foxhole could be upgraded up to tier-3 which is a concrete one.

Also, walls could be extended by attaching one wall to another wall, widening the defended area.

Although they might sound not too appealing, signposts are important structures in Foxhole because it helps you communicate with other people, particularly with your allies, when you are not around. You can leave messages, requests, and commands, through the signposts.

To keep you and other soldiers from being cold during wars in the midst of winter, it would be wise to build a firepit. All you have to do is use diesel to make fire out of the fire pit. 

Lastly, you can also build a field hospital where severely injured soldiers are admitted and treated.

Constructible Vehicles

One of the buildable in Foxhole that is used for mobility is the motorboat. It should just be noted that it should be built on a shore. Once built, you can ride it and travel through the beach.

Following the motorboat are the construction vehicles and cranes. These are used for building, rebuilding, and upgrading some large structures, and for lifting heavy and movable things. As a reminder, these two should always b built very near friendly bases or landing ships.

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SWTOR G.A.M.E. Reputation Guide for Galactic Season 3

How far will your reputation take you?

Nicole Barelli



swtor game reputation guide for galactic season 3

Star Wars: The Old Republic is BioWare MMORPG based on the acclaimed Star Wars universe. As Galactic Season 3 kicked in, so did new challenges. Today, we’re talking about G.A.M.E., a new reputation system introduced along with this new season.

G.A.M.E. Reputation Guide for Galactic Season 3 – SWTOR

In SWTOR, Galactic Seasons are long seasonal events that grant limited-time rewards upon the completion of daily and weekly challenges dubbed Priority Objectives. Subscribers earn extra rewards, but everyone can participate.

Season 3, titled Luck of the Draw, brought with it the Gambling Authority and Management Entity, popularised by the acronym G.A.M.E. Basically, it’s a new form to track your reputation. But it comes with a few differences.

Unlike the other reputation tracks, G.A.M.E. is tied into Season 3. Another difference is that you won’t be able to see the reputation track for G.A.M.E. until you earn 1 reputation point with the faction.

swtor game reputation guide for galactic season 3 2
Source: Swtorista from YouTube

First of all, you’ll need to unlock the first level of the Season 3 track. This will allow you to claim the PH4-LNX Protocol Lockbox and, with it, activate the new companion, PH4-LNX (Fey, as she likes to be called).

As you play through Season 3, you might notice that some quests and enemy drops give a new type of currency known as the G.A.M.E. Analysis Module.

When Fey is on your ship, you can take those Modules to her and convert them into G.A.M.E. reputation. Each Module is worth 25 Reputation Points (37 if you’re a Subscriber).

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Note that you can only hold up to 200 Analysis Modules and only earn up to 200 per week. Additionally, you can only earn 5.000 Reputation Points per week, no matter how many boosts you have.

If you’re wondering about the math of it all, you’ll need 70.000 Reputation Points to reach max reputation, which accounts for 2.800 Modules without any boost. Good luck!

(And I’m sorry to report there are no ways to farm the Modules. Having Fey as your companion, however, increases the chance of enemies dropping more of the item. You can also trade 500 Jawa Junk (purple) for Jawa Intel with Brrazz in Cartel Bazaar.)

swtor game reputation guide for galactic season 3 3
Source: Swtorista from YouTube

There are two bugs worth mentioning. One, be careful with skipping Fey’s dialogue since it might cause the Reputation Points to not enter your inventory.

Second, if you’re in a group, you might be unable to talk to Fey at all. To correct that, you’ll need to leave the group, turn in your Modules, and then re-join the group.

Now, for the big question: what are the rewards?

You can earn three legacy titles associated with G.A.M.E.: G.A.M.E. Representative, Mid-level Management, and Deputy Director of G.A.M.E.

Aside from that, the G.A.M.E. reputation track is actually more about helping you to earn rewards on the Season Tracker faster, so don’t expect unique rewards here.

Either way, I hope you enjoy Season 3 of Star Wars: The Old Republic!

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