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Foxhole Research Guide 2021

Win wars through the power of science as you become an expert in Foxhole’s Technology department!

Iris Ruiz



While you will spend most of your game fighting in skirmishes and winning wars, you will still need to find a way to gather resources for new technology available in Foxhole. While this seems tedious for some, it’s the game’s answer to a crafting mechanic that’s usually present in most MMORPGs

The main resources for most of the research you will have to make are copper, aluminum and iron. Here’s a guide on how to properly do Research for new gadgets that will help you win more fights!

Research Guide – Foxhole

Before we begin, you would first need to find Engineering Centers where your desired Technology trees can be viewed. Technologies are then progressed by making Prototype kits of that particular technology through research.

These kits can be refined by using the metals you’ll find in salvage nodes.

After you get the metals required, you would then need to process them into alloys. Alloys are the currency that you take to an Engineering Center to craft your prototype kits. Aluminum is mostly needed for weapons and Iron for vehicles.

Once you have enough of the prototype kits, it will then be approved as a technology. It will be fully researched and become accessible for you to use. The last thing to do after that is to produce it in normal factories without the need of a prototype kit.

Fighting a war isn’t all about being stronger in the battlefield, use your technologies for a bigger advantage!

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