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Foxhole: Ultimate Logistics Guide

Strategize to maximize your base!




The first thing you must do if you are aiming for a successful and efficient base is to pick the best map you will spawn. When we say the best map, it should have a refinery, a garage, a factory, and a salvage spawn.

To be able to screen the best map location, access the map and zoom it in to see the available facilities in that area. Once you have already chosen your best pick, go to the deployment area and select the location you prefer.

However, it is not just that. There are still a lot of things to be considered in this game. Having said that, we made this guide for you.

Ultimate Logistics Guide in Foxhole

Before you start off, you must first have a truck after spawning. You can get a truck through a seaport or a storage facility. Say that you are near a seaport, simply interact with it and look for the vehicles category and look for the truck. Another way to have this is by building a garage.

You can use this to directly interact with structures with inventory without leaving the vehicle.

The next thing you need to learn is to gather raw materials called salvage and put it into the refinery to create the basic materials needed such as ammo, weapons, and medical supplies.

Now that you have already known about salvage, you must learn how to use the refinery. To use the refinery, drive close to the refinery and press E to access the inventories of both the truck ad the refinery. From there, you can see the materials needed to craft items. Simply click on the item you want to craft and it will work on its own.

After that, you need to know about the factory. The factory is used to produce items. The same mechanics with the refinery, just drive close and you can access the inventories of both. Take note that the products of the factory are always in crates. However, you still have to submit the crates to a stockpile to use them.

Another important thing you have is a radio. You can use this to gather information or to have map intelligence updates. You can craft this using the factory. Once you have this in your inventory, make sure to always equip it.

In terms of traveling, you must also be aware of border crossing. You might have already noticed that map areas are divided into hexes. If you happen to pass a road that is beyond the hex, you must press E to travel. However, if you want to cross a bridge, you have to get off your seat and interact with the lever on its side. This will allow the bride to open and close.

Basically, those are the things that you have to know in Foxhole.

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