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Battle Brothers: How to Repair

Here’s the hypothetical situation: You are playing Battle Brothers, and you finally get the item that you’ve been looking for, but you also realize that the object is broken. What are you supposed to do in this situation?




Every object in Battle Brothers can be damaged, and unless we are talking about a special item, it won’t regenerate itself, so in general, the solution is to fix it. Repairing objects is useful not only to restore an item that you like, but also to increase their worth for selling.

How to Repair Items in Battle Brothers 

How to Repair Items in Battle Brothers 

The first thing to take into consideration is Which items you should repair. Finding this out will help you to not waste HP and tools. For this reason, you should check the stats of the object, these are selling value(it shows you how much you can get if selling the item) and repair HP(it shows you how much you would spend to repair the item).

When you set an object to repair, you can put the mouse over the Tools’ icon, then you’ll see the required amount of Tools needed to fix that specific item. You should think of how many HP and how much money(buying tools) you are going to spend to fix your item, then compare these to how much money you’ll get for selling it.

It’s simple math: if you have a 10/100 item and you can sell it for $100, then when you repair it, it will become a 100/100, which also multiplies the worth 100 times, going from $100 to $1000. If you have to spend the same amount to rebuild your piece, then it would be better to sell it without repairing. 

Now that you can wisely choose the items that you are going to repair, it’s time to do it. If you are carrying these items with you, these will be automatically repaired, as long as you have the required tools and HP, but if the items that you want to restore are in your stash, then you can fix these by pressing Alt + the right mouse button.

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