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Battle Brothers: How to Retire a Brother

When a brother gets permanently injured on the battlefield, the best option can be retiring him. Here you are going to find out how to retire a brother, why you should retire a brother and some extra information about retirement in Battle Brothers.




Warriors put their lives in danger all the time. This isn’t different in Battle Brothers. Sometimes a brother will fight, get seriously injured, then won’t be able to fight anymore. Dismissing a brother you hired to replace him can be good a idea, but paying him a retirement can be very important if you want to keep your effectiveness in battle.

Retiring a Brother in Battle Brothers

Battle brothers how to retire a brother

Here’s the situation: You have a wounded brother, but you need/want to get a replacement or would like to recruit a new warrior. What are you supposed to do? The solution seems to be obvious: you should dismiss him, but only doing this will negatively affect the morale of the remaining brothers. Morale, in Battle Brothers, is the mental and emotional state of your combatants, and it directly affects their performance on the battlefield. Lowering their morale will result in decreasing their effectiveness. The gravity of the morale drop will depend on the time that a brother has been working for you. If he worked for a long time, then dismissing him without paying for his retirement is going to increase the morale hit. So how to prevent this

You should press the “x” button next to his name to dismiss him, then pay his retirement, and if you want to be sure about preventing morale loss, you should also pay him the compensation. 

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