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Battle Brothers: How to Attack Caravans

Attacking Caravans and starting Raids in Battle Brothers gives you the opportunity to get valuable items to use and sell, improve your experience in the game and of course, brag. This definitive guide contains all the cautions that you should take, and will show you how to succeed in this experience.




Defeating parties in Battle Brothers can be a very important part of the game, especially when you are looking for items to sell for the sake of making money, but there are essential considerations about attacking caravans that every player should think about in advance.

How to Attack Caravans in Battle Brothers

Before doing this, it’s crucial to pay good attention to the Caravan’s information. You should know if that Noble House could be useful for you or not. Remember that when you attack a Caravan, you destroy your relationship with a Noble House. Their towns and Network, and if you need them in the near future, be ready to get disappointed, since this unfortunate event won’t be easily forgotten.

After taking this into consideration, you’ll need to build your crew, composed by at least one Sargent. You can find available recruits in Towns that you can hire. You’ll also provide them the right equipment for attacking the Caravan and defending themselves.

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Equip your team, and in sequence, you can attack the Caravan, clicking on it. If you plan to fight a neutral party and have a contract, it’s important to cancel the contract, otherwise you won’t be allowed to start the raid.

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