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Battle Brothers: How to Get Legendary Items

Items almost unbreakable, which will confer you power and increase your abilities: these are Battle Brothers’ Legendary items, and these can be found under some very specific circumstances. Keep reading to know how to get them when playing the game.




If you are patient and brave enough, you’ll find Legendary items in Battle Brothers. These rewards not only increase your chances to win battles by extending your abilities, but they also can be sold at high prices. Plus, some of these objects can regenerate themselves, being extremely durable.

How to Find Legendary Items in Battle Brother

There are five different Legendary items spread all over the map. These are: Emperor Set(Composed by an armor and a helmet), Davkul Set(composed by an armor and a helmet) and Fangshire Helm.

How to Find Davkul Set in Battle Brothers 

You can get the Davkul armor and the Davkul helmet through some Events. The Events for the armor are Cultist Origin Finale and Cultist Finale. 

If you are playing the Davkul Cultists origin, then you have to trigger Cultist Origin Finale, and to accomplish this, you’ll need a 151 days Campaign(or older), a roster of at least 12 brothers, six or more Cultists(Two of them have to be at level 11 or higher), at least one free inventory slot. It has to be night-time.

If you are not playing Davkul Cultists Origin, then you have to trigger Cultist Finale, through some requirements, such as having one open inventory slot or more, at least twelve Brothers in a roster, minimum of six cultist Brothers(One of them has be at level 11 or higher), and if you don’t have true cultist Brothers, you can convert non-cultists(Nobles can’t be converted). You’ll also need a non-cultist(level 11, the least) to be sacrificed; and you should have a 201 days campaign or older.

If you have what it takes, all you need to do is wait for night-time, then cross your fingers. The Event for the helmet follows the same requirements, with some changes: you won’t need someone to sacrifice, the number of cultists level 11+ has to be at least two, and you should be between 4 and 10 tiles away from a town.

How to Find Emperor Set in Battle Brothers

If you want to get the Emperor’s Armor, then you should win a fight against the Conqueror, in the Black Monolith, a Legendary location. For the helmet, you also have to visit a Legendary location, but the Goblin City(Rul’gazhix), this time. Both items(helmet and armor) will be awarded as loot.

How to Find Fangshire Helm in Battle Brothers 

This item can only be acquired when buying the Battle Brothers Support Edition. 

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