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Battle Brothers: How to Make Money

Who wouldn’t like to be the new Battle Brothers’ Elon Musk? Thankfully, all the information you need to become wealthy and powerful in this game is right here.




Getting money in Battle Brothers gives you the possibility of buying the items you need and leveling up faster, which can be easier when following some steps.

Making Money in Battle Brothers 

In order to accomplish this, you should know more about: Events, contracts, Looting, Trading and Raids. 

How can I make Money from Contracts?

How can I make Money from Contracts?

Contracts are deals that demand from you to conclude a specific task, like defeating or destroying an enemy. In reward for completing the accordance, you’ll receive items like Renown, crowns and better relations with the one who offered you the contract, who can be a settlement ir a noble house, in this last case, such as in other types of contracts’ cases, you’ll need a high level of Renown, so always pay attention to this. Explore different places to diversify your contracts, and try to haggle and offer your services for a higher price, without exaggerating, of course. Sometimes increasing the price will make the client give up on your services. Pay attention to their answers. If they seem angry, don’t insist on haggling. 

How can I make Money from Looting?

Attacking other parties and stealing their items isn’t the sweetest way to get money, but this game isn’t Candy Crush (which is also a nice one, tho). Looting is a very effective strategy to get Valuable items(such as Trophies, Trade Goods and Treasures), Resources or Equipment to be sold. If your main objective is making money, you should focus on getting Treasures and Trade Goods. Their selling prices are regularly higher than other artifacts’ prices. 

How can I make Money from Raiding? 

How can I make Money from Looting in battle brothers?

Highly recommended for beginners, if you want to start a raid, all you need to do is attack a Caravan or a peasant, but always take in consideration that it’s never a good idea to start a war with a town when you need its resources and/or network as much as it’s important to avoid fighting large houses. 

How can I make Money from Trading?

How can I make Money from raiding
in battle brothers?

When finding a Treasure or other objects, you won’t be able to sell them for their full prices, but this doesn’t happen to Trade Goods. You can get Trade Goods by Looting or buying them to sell. When buying goods, you should pay attention to their prices. It’s recommended to look for items in Villages for lower prices, and sell them in Towns. Don’t travel around only for trading, since it also brings expenses with food and wage.

How can I make Money from Events?

How can I make Money from events in battle brothers?

Events are random situations in the game that can bring you common items and other things, like Legendary Items. Some achievements in the game may trigger some specific types of events. Some events can randomly appear on the Global Map. These are Events by Background that require specific Backgrounds. Other Events will require specific Traits, or Contracts, etc.

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