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Battle Brothers: Where to Sell Wolf Pelts

Wolf pelts are one of the many common materials you can get in the tactical RPG Battle Brothers. This guide will tell you where to sell these pelts.




Wolf pelts, mostly obtained by killing the common direwolves, are one of the many items in the game. If you have no particular use for them, you might want to sell them. This guide will tell you how to.

Where to Sell Wolf Pelts in Battle Brothers

While playing Battle Brothers, you no doubt were attacked by direwolves. Upon killing them, you usually get their pelts. Or as the game calls them, “Unusually Large Wolf Pelt”. The game states that they are worth 500 Crowns, but you most likely found that you can’t find anyone buying them at that price.

The sad truth is that you regularly can not sell them for their full value. Much like with every other item in the game, you get a small fraction of an item’s full worth when selling it. This means that you will generally sell them for an average of 40 crowns. Sometimes it will be on the lower end, closer to 36 crowns. Other times it will be on the higher end of the spectrum, at 50 crowns. These prices are dependent on a lot of factors such as your relationship with the town and how big the town is.

As for how to sell your items, you can sell them at any town. Considering that every town will variety their prices based on many factors, as previously stated. Regardless, once you’re in a town you just have to go any shop, such as the marketplace. You can sell items from your stash in the trading menu.

There are however a few things to keep in mind to increase their values.

Villages with Ambushed Trade Routes

Towns with nearby brigand camps will usually note that they have “ambushed trade routes”. This means that the villagers can’t do regular trades due to the brigands. This is somewhat in your favor, however, as they are more willing to pay higher prices for your items, including the wolf pelts.

Maybe consider selling your items to these towns before you help them with their brigand problems. Do note that this village modifier does also increase the buying price for items, making them more expensive for you.

Random Events

Now this is something that can happen randomly. While walking around town with a pelt in your possession, you might be approached by someone willing to buy it at full price. The thing here is that this is entirely and completely random.

There is nothing you can do to make this event trigger. While it’s definitely the best sale price for pelts you’re going to get, it’s unreliable due to its random nature. Definitely something to keep in mind, however. It’s up to you whether you want to sell them regularly or wait for this random event to happen.


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