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Battle Brothers: Where to Find Goblin Camps

Goblins are one of the enemy factions in the tactical RPG Battle Brothers. But where do they place their camps? This shows you where to look.




Goblins are targeted by certain quests and ambitions. This means players will eventually want to hunt them down. But finding their camps can be a challenge itself. This guide will hopefully help you on your quest to find goblin camps in Battle Brothers.

Where to Find Goblin Camps in Battle Brothers

Due to the game’s randomized nature, it’s not really possible to pinpoint one exact location for goblin camps. However, there are a few guidelines that the game tries to abide to when creating a world and spawning locations. These can be followed by players to, more or less, locate places like goblin camps easier.

The main thing to take note of is that goblin camps spawn far away from civilization. Exploring far to the east or west is something you can do. The further you get from established settlements and towns, the more likely it is you find a goblin camp. Additionally, orc camps can also spawn in these remote locations.

Goblins basically have their own territories far from human civilizations. These are full of camps, strongholds and even the goblin city. You just have to explore and look for it, following the tips mentioned here.

Greenskin Invasions

Greenskin Invasions

If you have crises enabled, it’s likely that a Greenskin Invasion will occur. This event will have goblins and orcs attack near human settlements. A lot of their camps will suddenly start popping up. This event is entirely random, however, as many other things in the game. While it’s a good way to get to fight a lot of goblins, it’s unreliable by nature. Ultimately, you just have to explore away from civilization to stumble upon goblins and their camps.

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