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Valorant: New Patch Guide 4.07 | Map Changes, New Night Market, and More

Valorant’s 4.07 update is coming and people are excited.




Valorant never fails to amaze players with their updates, be it new features, new maps, buffs or nerfs on agents, or simply new skin bundles. There are no patch notes for Valorant 4.07 update as of now, but people have guesses about what may be the upcoming changes during this incoming update.

New Patch Guide 4.07 in Valorant

Valorant skips the 4.06 update and jumps straight to 4.07. It will be released between April 12 and 13. Complete and accurate information about this update is not yet available but players already have their own predictions for the upcoming update. Find out about it below!

New Night Market, Map Changes, & Agents

The Night Market where players can get skins for a cheaper price. The New Night Market was recently dropped on the 7th and will last for 12 days. Aside from that, Map Changes are one of the things we can look forward to in the game. As one of the least favorite maps in the game, Fracture might be slightly improved, even close to the recently updated Icebox.

For Agents, Omen’s abilities might potentially be changed as players have openly expressed their frustrations online. Lastly, Brimstone’s kit, which was adjusted during the recent patch, may get more fine-tunning for more balanced gameplay.

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