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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor: Industrial Stacks Sense Echo Location

Locate the exact location of the industrial stacks inside a ship.




Industrial Stacks are a form of collectible that you can come across in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. As far as we know, they only appear on the Coruscant planet with only two of them in total.

In this guide, we’ll be showing the location of one of them which is called the Bloody Negotiations. Let’s get started.

Industrial Stacks Sense Echo Location in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Source: Sipder

As mentioned, there are two of these industrial stacks on the Coruscant planet.

The one we mentioned, called Bloody Negotiations, is a Sense Echo that will show you information about Senator Sejan’s interaction with someone else.

To find the location of this Sense Echo, you have to head to the Coruscant planet. From there, follow the objective that tells you to board the senator’s yacht.

Once you get to the yacht, BD-1 will pry open the door, allowing you the Bode to enter the yacht. Your next objective will then be to gain access to the senator’s terminal.

As you make your way to the terminal, a locked door will be blocking your way. Simply Force Push the door so you can then enter the room where Senator Sejan is hiding.

Source: Sipder

Once you get inside, you’ll find Senator Sejan in front of the terminal. Leave it to Bode to capture him.

Instead, turn to the right and look for this golden disc on the ground. This is the Sense Echo for the Bloody Negotiations that you’re looking for.

Interact with it in order to collect it. A very brief scene will play out, after which you’ll then obtain the first industrial stacks.

Source: Sipder

As for the second industrial stacks, it’s actually located just right behind Senator Sejan. To collect it, all you have to do is approach the senator.

After a brief cutscene, you will then be able to collect it by using BD-1 to scan it.

This industrial stacks is called Stolen Treasures, and getting it will complete the two collectibles in the area.

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