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How to Get Alignment Control Center Treasure in Star Wars Jedi Survivor

Time to grab that sweet Datadisc treasure somewhere.




Treasures are one of the many collectibles you can find in various locations throughout Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

One such treasure comes in the form of Datadiscs, and there’s one that you can find near the Alignment Control Center on the planet of Koboh.

If you don’t know where its exact location is, this guide should be able to help you out.

Where to Find the Alignment Control Center Treasure in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Source: ZaFrostPet

To get to the location of the treasure, you first have to make your way to the Alignment Control Center. Use the image above as a reference for its exact location.

This is where you’ll uncover a series of computers which is some sort of a puzzle you need to solve to unlock a Holomap upgrade. You can check out our guide for that if you haven’t yet.

Source: ZaFrostPet

Once you get to the location, turn left and go through the door and ride the lift that will take you up. Just follow the path going forward until you come across this cavern where you can find a Nekko.

Source: ZaFrostPet

While you can get to your destination on foot, riding the Nekko is just way more convenient, and of course, faster. Make your way outside then turn right.

Just keep moving forward until you come across a crashed ship. Use the ship as a platform to help boost your jump so you can land on the cliff to the right.

After that, go all the way right toward the marked direction until you come across a wall of vines. Climb up the wall and continue going all the way right until you arrive at a cliff.

Your objective here is to reach a small cavern below. Drop down the nearby ledge to your right and then grapple through the yellow bar.

Once you’re on the lower level, you should then be able to see the small entrance to the cavern. Drop down and head inside the cavern then continue moving forward.

Then, turn to your right to find a corpse. Interact with it to finally obtain the Datadisc treasure.

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