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Star Wars Jedi Survivor: All Jedha The Archive Chests Locations

Loot a bunch of goodies from these two chests in The Archive in Jedha.




The Archive in Jedha basically serves as the main base of operations for Cere Junda in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. It’s also a place that contains a handful of collectibles.

In The Archive, you’ll find a total of 11 Collectibles, two of which are chests that contain some goodies waiting for you to pick up.

In this guide, we’ll show you where exactly those chests are located so you can take their loot for yourself. Let’s get started.

All Jedha The Archive Chests Locations in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

Source: ZaFrostPet

As mentioned, there are two chests you can find in The Archive area. However, before you start to locate them, you should first obtain the Electro Dart upgrade for BD-1.

This upgrade basically unlocks a handful of useful abilities for your drone companion. One of them is the ability to unlock the chest that you’ll be looking for.

Once you have obtained the upgrade, it’s time to head to the locations of the two chests.

Chest #1 Location

For chest #1, start on the location in The Archive on the map as shown in the image above.

Source: ZaFrostPet

When you get there, enter the red door to your left then climb up the wall to the left. Look for a small gap in the wall to the far right corner and shimmy through it to get to another room.

You’ll find another wall that you need to climb. Once you get to the upper level, just head straight through and jump over the gap. You’ll find the chest immediately after.

However, you won’t be able to open the chest right away. This is where the Electro Dart ability comes into play.

Just left of the chest is a small window. Peek through the window to find a purple glowing machine.

Fire at it using the dart ability in order to unlock the chest.

You’ll then notice that the light on the chest turned from red to green. Feel free to loot the grip for the Scrapyard Lightsaber cosmetic.

Chest #2 Location

For the second chest, simply start from the same location as before. This time, however, you want to head to the right door.

Source: ZaFrostPet

However, instead of entering the door, turn right and climb up the slope with a bunch of scraps lying on the ground.

Go through the red door to your left, then turn left once again to find a small gap in the wall. Shimmy through the gap and head straight forward.

You’ll see a green barrier here. Just go through it once you have unlocked your Dash ability. If not, make sure to unlock it first by completing the Locate Brother Armias quest.

Turn left right after to see the chest on the corner. Unlike the first one, all you really have to do is open it which will give you the switch part for the Scrapyard Lightsaber.

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