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WoW: How to Farm Rep With Loamm Niffen Fast

Increase your reputation with the new molefolk faction, the Loamm Niffen.




World of Warcraft’s 10.1 update introduces a bunch of new stuff to the game. There’s a new item upgrade system, new events and questlines, and a completely new faction.

This faction in question is called the Loamm Niffen which basically consists of molefolk who are living in the Zaralek cavern.

As with any faction in the game, you’ll want to farm faction rep for the Loamm Niffen to increase your renown and gain access to their faction-exclusive rewards. Here’s how.

How to Quickly Farm Loamm Niffen Rep in WoW

Source: AndriKatsGames

There are a total of 20 Renown levels for the Loamm Niffen faction, with each level requiring 2,500 reputation points to progress.

However, before you can even start farming reputation, you first need to unlock the faction by following these steps:

  1. Start by completing the Land Beneath quest which will allow you to progress through the first chapter of the Embers of Neltharion campaign.
  2. After that, simply follow the questline until you receive the Smells Like Loamm quest.
  3. Complete the quest and you’ll then unlock the Loamm Niffen faction.

Once you’ve unlocked the faction, you can then start farming Loamm Niffen rep.

There are three main activities you can do in the Zaralek Cavern in order to farm rep for the faction.

One is to complete Loamm Niffen world quests as soon as they appear. Another method is to simply complete Loamm Niffen quests, and the last one is to complete zone events in the area.

However, if you want to farm Loamm Niffen rep quickly, here are some suggestions:

Main Campaign Quest

The easiest method by far, this simply involves you progressing through the main campaign of Embers of Neltharion.

Each quest will provide you with a substantial amount of Loamm Niffen reputation.

The Smells Like Loamm quest we mentioned above, for example, will grant you 2,500 Loamm Niffen reputation upon completion.

However, this method isn’t reliable as you’ll only earn rep upon completing the quest. Once all the quests are completed, you’ll then have to use other farming methods.

World Quests

Source: AndriKatsGames

The next method would be to complete World Quests. However, you first need to complete the quest called Six Hundred Feet Under.

This will unlock the Zaralek Cavern World Quests which basically grants you access to the outdoor activities in the area.

On average, doing World Quests will reward you with somewhere around 75 to 100+ reputation, though some will even grant bonuses when completed.

Ideally, you want to do them as soon as they become available.


Source: AndriKatsGames

Another reliable method to earn Loamm Niffen reputation is to use a contract. Doing so will let you earn 10 rep whenever you complete a World Quest in Dragon Isles.

Of course, the higher the rank of the contract, the more reputation you’ll reserve.

This is something that you’d want to consider before you head out to do some World Quests, as it basically lets you earn free rep points for doing so.


Sniffenseeking is a brand new activity in the 10.1 update where you embark in certain activities with Myritt.

This involves completing puzzles and digging up treasures in various areas of Zaralek Cavern.

That said, you first want to complete the Buddy System quest from Myritt to unlock this activity. Completing the quest will reward you with 125 Loamm Niffen reputation.

Then, each time you complete a Sniffenseeking activity, you will get 250 reputation. However, do keep in mind that the activity is limited to up to 3 times per week only.

Side Quests

Apart from the main quests and activities in Zaralek Cavern, you can also come across NPCs who will provide you with a side quest.

Most of these quests can be completed in just a few minutes, so we highly recommend you take them for some extra Loamm Niffen reputation.

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