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Honkai Star Rail: Where to Send Misdelivered Letters

Got your hand on some unsent letters? We’ll tell you what to do with them.




Misdelivered Letters can be picked up by exploring the Administrative District of Belobog in Honkai: Star Rail.

They’re part of one of the many secret missions you can do in the game, so the game will be a bit obtuse about what to do with them.

In this guide, we’ll tell you where to find these unsent letters and where to deliver them.

Where to Send Misdelivered Letters in Honkai Star Rail

Source: JFMSTR

There are a total of 4 Misdelivered Letters spread out around the Administrative District of Belobog, in Jarilo-VI.

All four can be obtained by interacting with the various mailboxes in the area, though you may also need to pick the right dialogue choice when prompted.

Source: Official Honkai: Star Rail Interactive Map

Here’s the location for all four of them, based on the closest Space Anchor. They’re also marked on the map above:

  • Letter #1 – Golden Theatre: in the northern part of the map. Choose to take the letter instead of pushing it inside. Pushing it will get you a “Praise of High Morals” item, though!
  • Letter #2 – Central Plaza: overlooking the stairs leading to the cable car. Like with the previous one, choose to take the letter instead of pushing it. Unless you want the Praise of High Morals!
  • Letter #3 – Goethe Hotel: at the very southernmost spot of the map. Choose to take the envelope on the left to get Letter #3.
  • Letter #4 – Goethe Hotel: at the southernmost part of the map, in the same mailbox as the previous one. Choose to take the letter on the right for Letter #4.
Source: JFMSTR

To deliver them, just speak with Manya. She’s a blue-haired woman who stands around Serval’s Workshop.

Tell her that you found some unsent letters and you will get to deliver them to her, she will give you 1000 credits for each letter you give her.

Sadly, delivering all of them won’t earn you anything in particular and 1000 credits is a very low amount. You might want to consider pushing the first two in instead to get the Praise of High Morals.

Nonetheless, now you know how to deliver these misdelivered letters!

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