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Star Wars Jedi Survivor: How to Solve the Laser Wall Puzzle

Can’t figure out the trick for the laser wall? We’ll help you out.




Star Wards: Jedi Survivor has some optional challenges you can take, known as Force Tears.

One of the earliest challenges is the Fractured Resolve tear, which is a platforming puzzle with a laser wall that instakills you!

In this guide, we’ll tell you the trick to this puzzle so that you have no trouble beating it.

How to Complete the Fractured Resolve Puzzle in Star Wars: Jedi Survivor

Source: Somewhat Awesome Games

This platforming puzzle is found in the Swindler’s Wash zone, in the Rambler’s Reach region. You should reach this area as part of the “Open the Forest Gate” story mission.

You can find the Force Tear for this puzzle in the valley that’s to the left of the Meditation Point. It’s behind a waterfall.

To complete this challenge, you just have to reach the end of the area. However, there’s a red and white laser wall passing through the platforms you have to use.

You can pass through the white laser without any issues, but the red laser will instantly kill you and reset the challenge. The lasers will switch sides every now and then.

Source: Somewhat Awesome Games

There’s also a timer for this challenge, but you don’t actually need to beat it within a particular time to complete it.

There’s a trick to this puzzle, as you might imagine! Jumping is what makes the laser walls swap, and this includes double jumps. Time your jumps right to avoid the red laser.

You’ll first need to jump across some small platforms. These ones don’t break and are fairly close together, so you just need to time your jumps with the wall’s switching.

You’ll reach a larger L-shaped platform. The next set of platforms are brittle and will break if you stand on them too long, so you have to be quick on your feet and remember to time your jumps!

Lastly, you will have to slide down 3 slopes. There’s a gap between each slope, and then one more gap at the end between the 3rd slope and the final platform.

Remember that the wall’s side will switch when you jump each gap! You can slide on the same side as the incoming wall and time your jump when the wall gets close to you.

Go to your left once you reach the final platform and interact with the tear to complete the challenge.

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