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Disney Dreamlight Valley: Where to ind 3 Red Mushrooms for the Enchanted Ring

Follow Anna’s Quest to Help Regain Kristoff’s Memories.




The Quest for Helping Anna Recover Kristoff’s Lost Memories is taking a complicated turn when Merlin comes up with an idea on how to bring them back.

Anna will be asking for your help once again as you both set out to Merlin and find out what he came up with.

In this guide, we will show you how to get the 3 Red Mushroom Crafting Materials for Anna’s Enchanted Ring Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Where to find 3 Red Mushrooms for the Enchanted Ring in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Merlin Will ask you to collect 3 types of things for you to use on your crafting table to make the enchanted Ring. This would be 10 Dream Shards, 3 Red Mushrooms and Anna’s Engagement Ring.

Two of the three things you need to fetch would be easy enough. By this time you will have enough dream shards in your inventory after removing lots of Night Plants and Anna’s engagement ring can be recovered when you talk to her.

The Giant Willow Tree in the Glade of Trust

Head towards the centre clearing in the Glade of Trust. Here you will find the Giant Willow Tree. To collect the red mushrooms, just circle around the Tree and search for them. They should be easy to spot since they spawn fairly close to the roots of the Giant Willow Tree.

Talk to Anna about Loaning Her Engagement Ring

Afterwards, talk to Anna and ask for her Engagement Ring. She will give it to you but will remind you to bring it back to her since it’s an important symbol that She and Kristoff have for their love.

Craft the Enchanted Ring and Give it to Anna

Head to the nearest crafting station and go to your potions and enchantment tab. Here you will find the recipe on how to make the Enchanted Ring.

The requirements for these are 10 Dream Shards, the 3 red mushrooms you harvested from the Giant Willow Tree, a potion Base that you got earlier on from Merlin and of course, the Engagement Ring from Anna.

Follow Anna to where Kristoff is

After crafting the Enchanted Ring, you should give it to Anna for her to test it out on Kristoff. She will give Kristoff the ring and bring his memories back. She looks for you afterwards so you should head over to her and receive her thanks and that will complete Anna and Kristoff’s Enchanted Ring Quest.

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