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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Find Dandelions

Dandelions and Tiger Lily’s oh my!

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disney dreamlight valley how to find dandelions

Disney’s Dreamlight Valley is a sight to behold, and getting to hang out with all your favorite Disney pals makes the game that much sweeter. As seems appropriate for a game where we stop and smell the flowers with our nostalgia for a bit, you are often tasked by the various quest givers in Dreamlight Valley to collect flowers. One of those flowers that you’ll be asked top pick up, and also has some additional gifting benefits in friendship quests with NPCs who seem to greatly enjoy the flowers. You’ll use these flowers for quests such as Elsa’s “What home Feels Like”.

Finding Dandelions in Disney’s Dreamlight Valley

disney dreamlight valley how to find dandelions2

Dandelions are one of two flower types you’ll encounter after starting your Disney Dreamlight Valley play through right at the start of the game.

There are 5 flower types that are exclusive to the Plaza area. Alongside the four Falling Penstemon varieties, dandelions spawn exclusively in the Plaza.

This particular location means that, even before you leave the Plaza for the first time to enter Peaceful Meadow, you can pick some dandelions and other flowers to add to your storage.

When looking for the flower itself, you’ll need to look for the bright yellow flowers pointing straight up. All the Penstemon flowers droop no matter their color, so even if you struggle with differentiating between the colors gradients, you can tell the difference by the shape.

If you can’t find any flowers in the entire plaza, the best thing to do is pick all the flowers you can. Once you’ve completely devastated the local ecosystem, give it some time and the flowers will respawn, this time hopefully with more dandelions. If not, then simply repeat the process.

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