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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Do the Secret Remy Quest

Help out Remy express his feelings with this secret quest.




The Pride of the Valley update is out for Disney Dreamlight Valley. Aside from the announced Lion King-themed content, there are also some new secret quests to find!

One of them features Ratatouille’s Remy who wishes to express his thanks to some other residents of Dreamlight Valley. However, he requires your help.

Here’s how you can start and complete this charming new quest!

How to Do the Remy’s “A Three-Course Thank You” Quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Source: sheebi’s valley

To start this quest, you need to find a bag of ingredients in the middle of the Forest of Valor. Its location should be around where the player is in the image above.

Pick up the bag and the quest will start!

Source: sheebi’s valley

The next step is to go speak with Remy. Find him on your map; he’s usually at his restaurant in the central Plaza. Speak to him and return the bag of missing ingredients.

He will say that he wants to make a meal to thank Merlin, Mickey, Scrooge, and Goofy. He will request your assistance with it.

Agree to help, and Remy will give you some ingredients to make things easier.

Source: sheebi’s valley

You now have to cook a 5-Star Meal for each of these 4 characters. It doesn’t matter which meals you prepare, as long as they are of 5-Star quality.

Once you have the meals ready, you just need to find Merlin, Mickey, Scrooge, and Goofy. Remember, they will show up on your map. If they are sleeping, you will have to wait for them to be awake.

Give each one of them their meal and then return to Remy. He will be very happy and thank you for your help.

As a reward, he will give you a set of 3 different 5-Star meals! Congratulations, you’ve completed this secret quest and helped out your little friend.

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