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How to Get Your Blue Potato Potion in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The Blue Potato mystery is solved, and here’s the solution!




The new Pride of the Valley update released for Dreamlight Valley, giving us a new potato mystery!

To those unaware, this is a series of mysteries that have players hunt for a way to turn a strange potato item into a potion.

Read on as we’ll tell you how to solve this mystery and get the Brilliant Blue Potion!

Getting a Blue Potato Potion in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Source: Tinkerlily

To start this secret side quest, you first need to head into Ursula’s Cave. Once there, look for a bright blue item next to the throne. This is the Blue Potato itself!

Next, you need to hunt down a few more ingredients to turn this potato into a potion.

Source: Tinkerlily

The first item is in Moana’s realm. Once you get there, look for a small island on the water. Walk on the water and traverse an invisible maze as you make your way to this island.

It’s a bit tricky, but be patient and feel out the invisible walls as you try to reach the island.

Once you reach the shore on the far side of the island, pick up the bright Blue Shell.

Source: Tinkerlily

Next, head to the Little Mermaid’s realm. Look for a small lake with a strip of sand. As before, walk on the water to reach a small shore in the distance. You will get the Blue Starfish here.

For the next item, head into the Mystical Cave. Make your way to the bottom where a pool resides. Walk over the pool and look to your left to spot the Blue Book.

Lastly, head into the Mines in the Sunlit Plateau. Here, look for a broken railroad which as a spikey plant vine with a small opening on the other side next to it.

You can actually walk in the air over this vine. Do so and you will find the Blue Gem which is the final ingredient!

Now head back toward the entrance of the mines while looking for a small puddle in a corner.

Interact with the bright spot and place all 5 ingredients you just collected to get the Brilliant Blue Potion in return!

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