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Where is the Book of Portraits in the Disney Dreamlight Valley

Know all the tips about unlocking and finding the book of portraits!

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In Disney Dreamlight Valley, your character lives in the valley with a bunch of Disney and Pixar characters.

You can explore the valley, build a house of your taste, make delicious treats, and customize the valley from buildings to houses.

You will also have to complete quests from various Disney and Pixar characters to unlock different things and earn Dreamlight currency.

To progress in the game, your character has to complete quests within the game. One of the quests in question is to look for the Book of Portraits in the Valley.

We will show you exactly where you can find it.

Location of the Book of Portraits in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Source: GameGuidesChannel

The Book of Portraits is part of the fifth and final quest of Anna from Frozen called Wanna Build A Snowman. In Anna’s quests, your objective is to cheer up her sister Elsa.

The Book of Portraits helps you make drawings of their family, which would eventually help cheer up Elsa.

The Book of Portraits lies in the house of Anna which is located on the east side of the Forest of Valor. Make your way through to the forest and then into Anna’s house.

You will find the Book of Portraits lying on the floor of Anna’s house. It is easy to spot the book as it will be lying isolated on the floor and is orange in color.

Source: GameGuidesChannel

Talk to Anna after finding the book. She will also ask you to build a birthday cake for her sister Elsa. Completing these two quests will finally complete her quest!

You can find Anna in the Dreamlight Valley by unlocking the Sunlit Plateau and Frosted Height Biomes.

You will have to spend quite a bit of Dreamlight to unlock these two Biomes, but once unlocked, you will be able to find Anna with the help of the map and then complete her quests.

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