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Disney Dreamlight Valley: Where to Find Kingfish

The Kingfish can be located in the Dazzle Beach region of Disney’s Dreamlight Valley, much like the rarer Fugu fish – thankfully, the Kingfish proves a lot easier to obtain.




Anyone with a love of RPG elements like utilizing resources will be happy with Disney Dreamlight Valley’s implementation of the fishing and cooking mechanics in the game.

Among the wide variety of fish you can catch, farm, cook, and sell – the Kingfish offers players a high amount of coins (450), and can also be used in the recipe “Sweet and Sour Kingfish Steak,” which calls for Sugarcane, Lemon, and Kingfish.

Read below for where to find Kingfish in Disney Dreamlight Valley, along with how they can be practically used in the game.

Where to Find Kingfish in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Each fish in Disney Dreamlight Valley has a corresponding location, sell price, specific recipes, and energy value.

You’ll find Kingfish fairly easily in the Dazzle Beach Biome location of Dreamlight Valley – which you will come across early on in the game. Much like with the Fugu fish, if you haven’t already unlocked the region, you can do so for 1,000 Dreamlight. However, in comparison to the Fugu, the Kingfish is much easier to obtain. You won’t have to find yourself waiting for a thunderstorm and inclement weather to farm Kingfish.

Keep an eye out on bubbling spots in the water, and stick to spots near the shoreline.

These can be sold to Goofy for 450 coins, which is pretty respectable considering the much rarer Fugu is only a net of 900 coins. We’d also recommend bringing a character along with you that has a high friendship rating, who can act as a buff to net you double the amount of fish.

Eating or consuming Kingfish will also help to restore 800 Energy, or can be used as a central component of the “Sweet and Sour Kingfish Steak” recipe.

If you need some help understanding how to fish, you’ll need to first obtain a fishing rod from completing the “Fishing Expedition” quest. When practicing, you want to look for bubbling in the water. Aim to throw your fishing rod inside the bubbling circle, and wait a couple of seconds for the fish to bite.

The fishing rod can always be equipped from your inventory, and then selected as the fishing rod tool.

When throwing the rod, you’ll want to aim for the middle of the circle and wait for a few seconds once it lands before you hit the ‘pull’ button. Once you hit the pull, you’ll begin reeling the fish out of the water. Try your best to hit the ‘pull’ on prompt, as a delay (or being preemptive too soon) can reduce your chances of successfully catching any fish.

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