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Disney Dreamlight Valley: How to Find the Cave and Ursula

Find Ursula somewhere in Dazzle Beach.




Dreamlight Valley, the much-anticipated game from Disney, is now on its early access. It has tons of characters from Pixar and Disney. One of the characters you can find and interact with within the game is Ursula, the villain from The Little Mermaid. We are going to show you where to find her.

How to Find the Cave and Ursula

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, unlocking characters is essential in progressing the game. You are going to reach the quest where Merlin asks you to save Ursula from a cave that has been sealed for a long time.

Ursula is important to the story as she has information about the Forgetting and the Nightmare Thorns. To find Ursula and the cave, you need to unlock the Dazzle Beach biome, which costs 5,000 Dreamlight.

Locating the Sealed Cave

Source: Quick Tips

Ursula’s cave is located on the upper right side of Dazzle Beach. When you get inside her cave. you are going to see her swimming around a little pool.

Each character in the game will give bonuses upon reaching a certain friendship level, and they offer different perks. For Ursula, she will offer you the following:

  • Friendship Level 1
    • Unlocks the Orb for the first Pillar found on Dazzle Beach
  • Friendship Level 2
    • You are going to receive a T-Shirt
  • Friendship Level 3
    • You are going to receive an Outfit Overlay
  • Friendship Level 4
    • She gives you 500 Star Coins
  • Friendship Level 5
    • You are going to receive a Lamp Decoration
  • Friendship Level 6
    • You’ll receive a Trident Decoration
  • Friendship Level 7
    • She gives you 1,000 Star Coins
  • Friendship Level 8
    • You are going to receive a Shelf Decoration
  • Friendship Level 9
    • Obtain a Tentacle Statue
  • Friendship Level 10
    • You are going to obtain an Ursula-Themed Dress
    • You need to complete all of Ursula’s friendship Quests to unlock this.

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Source: RonEmpire from YouTube

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Source: RonEmpire from YouTube

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