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Diablo 4: Where to Farm Legendaries | Farming Guide

Get as many Legendary items as you want early in the game!




Legendary items are the most powerful pieces of gear in Diablo 4. They have unique modifiers that set them apart from more common items.

As such, you’ll need them to make the most of your build!

In this guide, we’ll detail an early farming method for legendaries so you can get as many legendary gear as early as possible.

Where to Farm Legendaries Early in Diablo 4

Source: BabbleOn

The best spot to farm Legendaries early in the game is Kor Vos. You can find this location northeast of Kyovashad in the Fracture Peaks region.

You should ideally be about Level 25 and have a very solid DPS build ready. You will need to kill a boss in less than a minute to claim the best rewards to have a chance at getting Legendary gear.

Source: BabbleOn

To start, you should first find Kor Vos and get used to the area. You also need to free 6 prisoners and then kill a boss to complete it.

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Prisoners are shown on your mini-map as a diamond-shaped icon. Their location is somewhat randomized each time, but they’re pretty easy to spot anyway.

Source: BabbleOn

The boss will appear as a large white skull. It will always spawn in the central circular room. To maximize your rewards, you need to reach and defeat the boss in under 1 minute!

The Boss Mastery countdown will start as soon as you free the last prisoner, so be prepared to make a dash for the boss!

Once you kill the boss, open the chest to claim your rewards. Then, use your teleport to go back to town. Wait a few seconds in town and then take the teleport back to Kor Vos.

That’s the gist of the farming run! Rinse and repeat this method until you’re satisfied.

As a bonus, note that you will be obtaining Murmuring Obols each run. These can be traded with Purveyors of Curiosities for random items for more chances of getting Legendary gear!

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