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Last Epoch vs Diablo 4 – Which is Better?

Will you go with the new, or stay with your old flame?




Diablo 4 might be a sequel to the ARPG-genre-defining Diablo, but it has some tough competition with games like Last Epoch around! It being a sequel to a classic might not mean it is simply better.

Last Epoch might be a brand-new ARPG, having just recently received its 1.0 launch, but it’s already beloved by many fans. But, is it really better than the latest entry in the classic Diablo series?

Well, there’s only one way to find out! Keep reading and we’ll go over the main differences between these two games. We’ll tell you what their pros and cons are, trying to figure out which one is the new king of ARPGs!

Last Epoch vs Diablo 4


Diablo 4 Promotional Screenshot

While the main campaign and story aren’t usually the main draw of the ARPG genre, Diablo 4 and Last Epoch both have some pretty notable campaigns.

Diablo 4 has possibly been one of the most fascinating campaigns in the entire genre, in great part thanks to its overall presentation.

Its setting is nothing too unique, though, if you’ve already played the past Diablo games.

Diablo 4 Promotional Screenshot

The top-notch voice acting, visual spectacle, and cutscene direction all combine to make every moment of the main campaign highly engaging. You can clearly see what the game’s AAA budget was spent on!

Last Epoch Artwork

Last Epoch, on the other hand, doesn’t reach quite the same level of presentation. Not to say that its campaign is lacking, though, but its strength lies more in its unique setting than anything.

Just like the game’s name implies, Last Epoch’s unique setting has you exploring various timelines and parallel dimensions. It’s a pretty refreshing story and setting, as it’s a tad less grim than most ARPGs.

Last Epoch Artwork

Ultimately, the decision here will depend on what you prefer.

If you just want a visual and auditive spectacle, Diablo 4 is the way to go. If you’d rather have a more unique setting and lore, Last Epoch is your best bet!

Overall Gameplay

Diablo 4 Promotional Screenshot

Now, this is the most contentious difference between both games.

Diablo 4 is a very accessible and fun game, from a casual perspective. It’s fast-paced, very responsive, and very polished.

Building your character just feels very simple, and it’s all extremely easy to understand. This is why players usually love the game to bits as they play through its main campaign!

The downside? It’s a bit too simple, especially for veterans of the genre.

Diablo 4 Promotional Screenshot

Most players feel disappointed with Diablo 4’s excessive simplification and poor itemization, which limits character builds. To make matters worse, the game is generally too easy for its own good.

These issues are expounded even further once you beat the main campaign and reach the endgame content. There’s not much endgame content to begin with, and what’s there is not engaging enough.

Last Epoch Gameplay

Last Epoch, on the other hand, tries extremely hard to strike a balance between depth and accessibility. For the most part, it actually nails it!

The game has a lot of fantastic in-game tools to help you learn how to play as you go, all while keeping a good level of complexity and depth when it comes to character builds.

Last Epoch Gameplay

Itemization is solid, thanks to a good variety of Unique and Legendary items. This allows for a lot of unique character builds for every one of the classes.

Top it all off with a satisfying endgame and you’ve got a winner!

That said, the combat can definitely feel a tad clunkier than Diablo 4’s, which can take some getting used to.

Nonetheless, whether you’re an ARPG veteran or a total newbie, Last Epoch simply offers a much better gameplay experience.


Diablo 4 Promotional Screenshot

Unlike our comparison between Last Epoch and Path of Exile, things are a bit simpler this time around.

Diablo 4 is, overall, a better casual experience. If you just want a game with impressive production values and an extremely enjoyable main campaign, it’s definitely well worth picking up!

That said, its shallower gameplay and lacking endgame content make it fall behind Last Epoch as an overall package.

Last Epoch Artwork

Its impressive balance between accessibility and depth gameplay systems make Last Epoch easy to get into, while also providing engaging content for even the most hardened ARPG veterans.

Plus, Last Epoch’s unique timeline-based setting makes it feel pretty refreshing during its main campaign too!

Overall, we would recommend Last Epoch to most players. Doesn’t matter whether you’re a casual or hardcore gamer, Last Epoch is sure to please you if you like ARPGs at all.

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