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How to Get Shade of Orobyss in Last Epoch

Increase your Timeline’s Corruption




Monoliths in Last Epoch are great for progressions, especially later on in the game. Playing through Monliths allows you to explore different timelines and earn unique loot.

To earn better rewards and face stronger enemies in Monoliths, you will have to defeat a Shade of Orobyss. The Shades of Orobyss are boss fights unique to Monoliths and are the main way for you to increase the level of the enemies you face and earn better loot.

How to Get Shade of Orobyss

different echos within a timeline

The shade of Orboyss boss fights can be found on Echos within a Timeline. Echos are unique maps within a Timeline, and each Echo will have its objective you will need to complete. Completing an Echo will allow you to progress that Timeline and unlock further Echo’s.

Each Timeline within a Monolith will allow you to find various Echos that require you to take on the Shade of Orobyss. Echo’s with the Shade of Orboyss encounters are much more common the farther away you are from the Timeline’s starting point.

There are different variants of the Shade of Orobyss, and you will be able to find multiple Echo’s within a Timeline that have the boss fight. Do keep in mind though, that you will only be able to fight one, as the Timeline resets after defeating the Shade of Orobyss.

echo of a world containing the shade of orobyss fight

The Echo that contains the Shade of Orobyss fight is called The “Echo of a World”.

Reward Upon Defeating a Shade of Orobyss

Other than resetting the Timeline, defeating a Shade of Orboyss will increase the Corruption of your Timeline. Corruption in Last Epoch is concerned with the loot that you can earn from that timeline.

Higher Corruption means that the loot you can earn is better and more suited for the late game. You can reset the timeline multiple times to further increase Corruption and get even better rewards.

Empowered Timeline

the empowered monoliths.

If you choose to an Empowered Timeline, you will start the Timeline at a corruption level of 100. Each area within this Timeline will have a minimum level of 100, and there’s no limit to how high it can go.

Playing through these Timelines and defeating The Shade of Orobyss will infinitely level up the Corruption in your Timeline. For a true late-game experience, it is better to unlock Empowered Timelines before you start taking on the Shade of Orobyss fights.

Keep exploring the Empowered Timelines and complete all the Echo’s that you can. The rewards you get are extremely worth it and will help you take your builds to the next level.

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