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Last Epoch: How to Use Skills Without Adding Them To Your Bar

Save valuable bar space by using skills without adding them!




Last Epoch features a lot of useful skills for players to use in combat. These can be of a defensive nature, ranged attacks, or melee attacks. The amount of skills is quite honestly, ridiculous. There is just one issue though. 

To use a Skill, you need to add them to your hotbar. You can only have 5 skills equipped this way, and players obviously want to use more. This is possible through a bit of experimentation, and we’re going to tell you all about it!

How to Use Skills Without Adding Them to Your Bar

In Last Epoch, certain skills trigger other skills. This is known as Proc. Essentially, you can use one skill which in turn also activates another skill. This allows you to get extra mileage out of your bar space, as you can focus on getting Skills that proc other ones. 

For example, consider the skill called Siege Engineering. This has a random chance to create a Ballista whenever an Explosive Trap detonates.

Normally, you’d be required to use the Ballista skill to summon a Ballista. Through this method though, you can summon a Ballista without having the skill in your bar!

Siege Engineering in Last Epoch

Some items can also trigger additional abilities sometimes. For example, Arrow Traps also fire Detonating Arrows wherever the trap originally was placed.

This allows you to make use of the Detonating Arrows without actually having the skill in your bar.

Arrow Traps in Last Epoch

Similarly, you can use an ability like the Sleight of Hand. This throws Shurikens for you whenever you use it. 

Sleight of Hand in Last Epoch

Pros and Cons

Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as you might think it is to use this system. To balance it out, the mana cost from some of these Proc skills can be tremendous. For instance, the aforementioned Arrow Traps use additional Mana to summon Detonating Arrows.

This is definitely something you should consider if you want to go for a Proc build, as some of these skills can really shred through your Mana reserves. It’s up to you to decide what abilities are worth this additional risk. 

It’s not all as bad as it might seem though. Skills like Siege Engineering consume half of the original cost of the Ballista summoning skill. Once again, experimenting with all of the different options present to you is the only way to really figure this out. 

The amount of abilities that proc other skills or can be procced from other skills is huge. It’s impossible to cover all of them, but most of the fun of Last Epoch is in all the different builds you can create. 

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