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Last Epoch: Should You Follow a Build or Create Your Own?

Confuse on which build is better? Embrace your own




Last epoch build guide follow or create your own

Last Epoch offers thousands of possibilities, and at some point, you will ask yourself if you should follow a build or create your own. You could experiment as a solo player, but if you do, this won’t get you a perfect maxed-out character. Creating a perfect build requires dedication and prioritizing certain roles, stats, and specific abilities.

There are a few tools online that you can use to learn how to build a character before playing. But overall, it is a very complicated task if you don’t know what you want. Knowing, from the beginning, some of the best options you have and what you need to do in order to achieve them is necessary.

Should You Follow a Build or Create Your Own?

Before we can answer this question for you, we suggest that you use the single-player mode to test every single build you might be interested in. Creating a build from scratch in this game is very similar to other action RPGs. You need to focus on one class or characteristic, such as that of a tank, mage, rogue, druid, etc. After you pick the one in a game you want to play as, work on it.

Last Epoch is a very flexible game in terms of classes and builds, and there are a lot of options available. However, to get all the items you need, you must farm a lot, learn about monoliths, and know exactly what you are looking for. The single-player mode will help you pick exactly what you need according to your playstyle. If, overall, you want to start with a stable build, there are multiple guides here that might help you.

Last epoch necromancer best class

Best Builds

The “best” builds for Last Epoch allow you to do everything in the game. You can solo your way or use them to face the baddest bosses available. There are a few that have legendary gear, but you can farm it with the build before having it maxed out. Some of the ones we recommend are:

Best builds for new players

Talking about every starting class will make this article way too long, but we will mention the best builds right now. Also, if you want to experiment, don’t unspec your main damage skill. If you do this, you will nerf your character and face a hard time later. For now, the best starting options are:

  • Holy Trail Javelin: This is a very easy-to-level-up build, is very straightforward, and is very versatile. You do a lot of damage, and you can tank almost anything on your own.
  • Totem Pop: This is a build made for druids; you can deal a lot of damage. Additionally, your attacks are mostly ranged, and you can convert damage.
  • Bleed Detonating Arrow: The combo of the detonating arrow and the stack damage is good. Then, add the bleed and puncture stack. This can make any rogue deadly. Bleed was nerfed, but this is still an amazing build for any rogue. With a few extra abilities and specializations, this can be a perfect endgame, hardcore build.

Best builds for the endgame

S-Tier builds like the ones we will mention are perfect for end-game, farming, and fighting players. There are plenty of powerful builds for every class; however, we will mention here some of the most powerful for popular and different classes. With this being said, you can search for other options, but as of now, these are the best builds:

  • Flame Wrath Necromancer: This is probably the most powerful build you can play if you want to use minions. Wraiths deal extra fire damage, and you could control them with a Minion AI to make them even more dynamic.
  • Hammerdin Paladin: You probably already heard of this build, which is one of the classic ones. Right now, it is as good as it was before, is very versatile, and you can use it with bleed very early in the game. You can also switch to smite, but it isn’t always necessary.
  • Bowmage Icicle Marksman: There are a lot of powerful rogue builds, but this one deals massive DPS. You can do AoE damage or destroy enemies one by one, making this a very versatile build.
  • Thorn Totem Shamman: As one of the best builds to do damage, you can heal yourself while attacking from a distance. You can tank, move around, and fight without having to directly enter into any combat.
Last Epoch shaman best build

Is the legendary/unique gear necessary for your build?

Eventually, some builds will require that you find a specific weapon, idols, armor, and more. This isn’t always necessary, and you can replace plenty of items with alternatives that fit your build. In other words, yes, you will need certain sets to max out your character. However, you can use alternatives while you farm for the best ones.

Leveling Up for Beginners

Leveling up in the Last Epoch is very easy, but you must always keep an eye on your skills and the monoliths. You can always reset/respec your skills and reorganize everything entirely, allowing you to personalize your build according to your necessities. Nonetheless, it is better to focus on one final goal.

There are a lot of ways you can level up, depending on your play style and the build you’re aiming for. The Monolith of Fate is an amazing tool for grinding experiences and engaging with almost all the content this game has to offer. Additionally, you could farm for experience in the arena, which is the second way to level up your character quickly.

Finally, if you are just starting, you could do the campaign and grim experience, but you won’t reach level 100 this way. Eventually, if you want to max your character out, you have to farm exp.

Picking a build without trying multiple classes and playstyles, in this case, could prevent you from finding the best option for you. Adapting your build to you is key, and builds are very flexible in here. So, if you want to follow a build or create your own in Last Epoch is all up to what you want and need in this game.

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