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Last Epoch: How to Reset/Respec Passive Skill Tree

Nooooo, I didn’t mean to get that skill!




One of the most annoying things in an RPG like Last Epoch is to pick the wrong skill while checking out the skill tree, be it passive or otherwise… thankfully, Last Epoch has a way to reset and respec!

No matter what your reason is for wanting to switch things up, it’s not too hard to reset and respec your Passive Skill Tree whenever you please.

In this guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the respec system for Last Epoch’s Passive Skill Tree. Don’t let the past mistakes hold your build back any longer!

How to Reset/Respec Passive Skill Tree

Last Epoch: How to Reset/Respec Passive Skill Tree - Chronomancer Lerinne Location

You can only reset or respec skills in the Passive Skill Tree by speaking with Chronomancer Lerinne.

She can be found at The End of Time and The Council Chambers, and her location is marked by a pink side view of a person with their brain visible. She must be a real brainiac, huh?

Chronomancer Lerinne dialogue choice

Once you approach her, just talk with her and choose to “Respecialize Mastery Point Allocations”. This will bring up your Passive Skill Tree and let you select which skills you want to reset or respec.

Choosing a skill to respec

Now, there are some caveats to the game’s respec system, as follows:

  • You can only remove one point at a time, and every single removal will cost you a certain amount of gold. The more points you have on that skill, the higher the gold cost will be.
  • You can’t remove more than 20 points for the Base Class Passive Skill Tree if you already have invested points into any Mastery. Essentially, this means you can’t respec your Mastery.
  • You can’t remove skill points from earlier parts of the Passive Skill Tree if they are required for a skill later on.
    • For example, say that you have a skill deep into the skill tree that requires you to have invested 40 Mastery Points. You won’t be able to remove Mastery Points that put you under 40 total invested points until you remove the skill with the requirement.
Paying the gold cost for respec

Despite the limitations and costs, you can at least freely reassign the Mastery Points you get back. No need to level skills the hard way or anything like that, just choose where you want to invest your refunded points!

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