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Last Epoch 1.0: Which Faction to Pick

Your allies will define your loot!




Last Epoch is introducing a unique faction mechanic with its 1.0 launch update, and which faction you pick will have a huge effect on what gameplay features are available to you.

There are only two factions to pick from in Last Epoch, known as “Item Factions”. As you might assume from their name, these factions only really matter when it comes to loot.

In this short guide, we’ll take a look at these Item Factions and tell you what they do so you know which one is the better pick for you!

Which Item Faction to Pick

Last Epoch 1.0: Which Faction to Pick

You can first join either Item Faction upon your first arrival at Maj’Elka during the story. You will be presented with both factions, their benefits, and asked to choose which one to join.

The two factions in the game are as follows:

  • Circle of Fortune – The faction for those who wish to make their own luck. You will get better item drops and be able to get items through Prophecies. The Observatory is its headquarters.
  • Merchant’s Guild – The faction for players who wish to trade with others. Unlocks the ability for you to trade with other players directly or by using the Bazaar. Its center of operations is the Bazaar.

As you can see, they both are tailor-made for different playstyles.

Circle of Fortune vs. Merchant’s Guild

Circle of Fortune Ranks

The Circle of Fortune is better for those who focus on single-player, while the Merchant’s Guild is better for those who prefer interacting with others.

Either way, they will both allow you to gain access to better items and their benefits will improve as you increase your Reputation and Rank with each faction.

Your Reputation increases when you gain experience and complete quests, but mostly comes from using each Item Faction’s core mechanic.

Merchant's Guild Ranks

Higher Reputation will give you even better benefits and access to unique items and vendors.

Additionally, you can freely switch your Item Faction whenever you want, should you change your mind later on. Your Reputation with the faction will be kept!

So, in short, the Circle of Fortune is better if you favor better item drops and don’t care for trading. On the other hand, the Merchant’s Guild is better if you want to trade with other players.

Do you want a higher random chance for good loot or do you want to be able to make your own luck via trading? The choice is yours!

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