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Last Epoch 1.0: Beginner’s Guide to Trading

Welcome, all newfangled merchants!




Last Epoch 1.0 is almost upon us, and one of the new features it will add is proper trading!

This is all thanks to the new Merchant’s Guild Item Faction, which will allow us to trade our stuff with other players by buying or selling through the new Bazaar.

In this beginner’s guide, we’ll help you get started with the Bazaar’s fancy trading features!

Beginner’s Guide to Trading

Merchant’s Guild Basics

Last Epoch 1.0: Beginner's Guide to Trading - Basics

If you’re wanting to trade, you’ll have to join up with the Merchant’s Guild. They’re one of the two item factions in the game, and their unique mechanic is the ability to Trade.

You will be given the option to join the Merchant’s Guild once you reach the city of Maj’Elka early during the game’s main story. Join the guild to be able to trade, it’s as simple as it gets!

An example of a Stall Vendor

As a member of the Merchant’s Guild, you’ll be free to visit the Bazaar whenever you want to either buy items from other players or sell your own items.

Making use of the Bazaar’s trading functionality will also earn you peputation at the faction, which will increase your Rank with them. The higher the Rank, the more options you get when trading!

At the very start, though, you’ll only be able to trade in basic low-rarity items. You’ll have to work your way up through the Ranks if you wish to trade better gear, such as Legendary Weapons.

Merchant's Guild Ranks

These are the Ranks and their benefits:

  • Rank 1: Trade Basic Items. These are Normal, Rare, and Magic items.
  • Rank 2: Trade Set Items.
  • Rank 3: Trade Unique Items without Legendary Potential.
  • Rank 4: Trade Idols.
  • Rank 5: Trade Exalted Weapons.
  • Rank 6: Trade Unique Weapons with Legendary Potential.
  • Rank 7: Trade All Exalted Items.
  • Rank 8: Trade All Unique Items.
  • Rank 9: Trade Legendary Weapons.
  • Rank 10: Trade All Legendary Items.

Now, let’s look at how buying and selling works, as well as what limitations are in place!

Buying Items

Last Epoch 1.0: Beginner's Guide to Trading - Buying

To buy items from other players, you just need to head to the Bazaar in Maj’Elka. You will find dozens of stalls in the Bazaar, each one marked with an icon representing the wares they sell.

You can also talk to the Stall Vendor NPC to open up the Bazaar Search window, which lets you see everything that’s for sale. You can use filters to look for the exact type of item you want.

Bazaar Relic Search

Hell, you can even define the search by affixes! Talk about convenient!

To purchase an item, you will need to have the proper Reputation Rank. For example, Exalted Weapons require Rank 5.

Additionally, you will have to pay a Favor fee as well as the amount of Gold requested by the seller. Favor is a new faction-related currency that you earn naturally whenever you gain Experience.

Bazaar Two-Handed Staff Search

Once you buy an item, it will be marked as permanently yours. This prevents you from selling the item yourself later on, so keep that in mind whenever you buy something!

Besides this pesky limitation, though, the items you purchase are all yours.

Selling Items

Last Epoch 1.0: Beginner's Guide to Trading - Selling

Aside from using stalls to buy items, you can also set up your own stall to sell items. Just speak to any Stall Vendor in the Bazaar and select “My Stall”.

Alternatively, speak to Kubra at the Bazaar and select “Open my Stall.” Both methods lead to the same destination, though!

Once you open your stall, you’ll be able to click “List an Item” to select whatever you want to sell. Do keep in mind that you will need to meet the required Faction Rank for the item type, though!

Additionally, items earned through the Circle of Fortune’s Prophecies can’t ever be sold. Similarly, you can’t resell any items you’ve purchased through the Bazaar previously.

Listing an Item

Your item will get a Rank Requirement and Favor Cost assigned automatically, based on whatever your item is. However, you’ll get to set the asking price for Gold to whatever you want!

Even better, the Merchant’s Guild doesn’t take a cut from the Gold profits. What you list is what other players have to pay, and you’ll receive the full payment directly.

Lastly, you can list however many items you wish, there are no limits! Of course, you can also freely remove the listing for any unsold listed items from the My Stall menu.

Do keep in mind that listing an item does cost a small Favor fee, though!

But, with all that said, now you know everything you need to know to get started trading in Last Epoch!

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