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Last Epoch: Monoliths Progression Guide

Get better rewards with progressed Monoliths!




In Last Epoch, monoliths are the primary method to get rewards and get better items as you play. You’ll be spending most of your time playing through monoliths, so it’s a good idea to learn the best ways to progress the monoliths. 

There are a few different methods to optimize your progression, and we’ve explained the best of them below for your convenience. 

Monoliths Progression Guide

The primary way of progressing Monoliths is through the Echo system. We talk about that in addition to some tips and tricks below.


Quest Echoes are used to raise stability and further progress you through monoliths. Stabilities are required to challenge the boss at the end of a Timeline, as well as unlock further Quest Echoes. 

Echoes in Last Epoch

Each echo rewards different things, some may reward gold while others reward idols. Each Echo has a set goal that you’re required to fulfill. It’s generally recommended to rush that objective and complete it. You can ignore all the enemies unless they’re a threat, as they aren’t worth the effort to fight. 

Most of the time, Echo objectives fall into two categories. The first category requires you to get to a certain location, while the second requires you to kill waves of enemies. The latter is much slower than the former, so give it less priority. 

Completing Echo objectives rewards stability, which is necessary to challenge Monolith bosses and progress further. This is the primary way to progress, so definitely keep doing as many Echoes as you can. 

As you progress through all the Echoes available for each Monolith, you’ll find that progression is that much faster and smoother. You’ll be able to progress to the bosses in no time! 

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