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Last Epoch: Best Class and Mastery Combo in 2024

Who’s the best!?




You can pick one class from 5 base classes in Last Epoch, and each one can combo with one unique Mastery.

There are 3 Masteries for each class, giving you a total of 15 Masteries to choose from!

In this guide, we look at the best possible combination of class and Mastery in the game’s current state.

Best Class and Mastery Combo in 2024

Last Epoch: Best Class and Mastery Combo in 2024 - Acolyte

As it stands, the best class based purely on raw power is the Acolyte.

Her abilities combine really well with all of her Masteries currently, with Lich and Necromancer being some of the strongest and most versatile masteries in the game.

In fact, we even have the insanely powerful Harvest Lich build in our list of the best builds going into 1.0!

To understand why they’re so strong, though, we should give you a breakdown of what these Masteries are capable of.

Acolyte Class and Necromancer Mastery Combo

Last Epoch: Best Class and Mastery Combo in 2024 - Necromancer

The Necromancer Mastery is basically your go-to if you want a dedicated minion-based class and playstyle.

Other than some niche setups from other classes, such as the Primalist’s Squirrel build, Necromancer is unmatched when it comes to minions.

The main reason for this is the versatility it has. You will be able to summon Skeleton Mages, Zombies, Bone Golems, Wraiths, and even some truly frightening Abominations!

Necromancer gameplay

Since your minions will do most of the dirty work for you, you’ll also find it quite easy to play compared to most other classes and Masteries in the game.

Additionally, Necromancer builds almost never rely on having to farm Unique items. This is one reason it stands tall amongst other Masteries’ minion builds, which are usually gear-dependant.

The Acolyte Necromancer class and Mastery combo is fantastic, overall.

Acolyte Class and Lich Mastery Combo

Last Epoch: Best Class and Mastery Combo in 2024 - Lich Reaper Form

If you wish to take matters into your own hands instead, though, you can combine the Acolyte class with the Lich mastery instead.

Thanks to the Lich’s Reaper Form skill, you will be able to temporarily become the Reaper itself. This grants insane damage and defensive buffs, allowing you to reap the souls of your foes with ease!

It can be a tough playstyle to truly master, though, as you will need to know enemy patterns better than you would with other classes.

Lich gameplay

This is due to the fact that you need to pick and choose your attacks, as Reaper Form drains your health constantly.

You won’t die once your health is drained, though, but you will return to your human form. Nonetheless, you will want to try to use Reap on enemies whenever possible to regain health and maintain Reaper Form!

Once you get the playstyle down, you will be able to stay in Reaper Form for the entire duration of fights. You’ll feel downright invincible as you cleave through your foes… you’ll truly feel like Death itself!

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